Chess Openings – Queen’s Indian Defence

Chess openings – Queen’s Indian Defence
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  1. Opening with tactics , strategy and combinations !!!
    it will be fantastic !!

  2. Hi I have a question. After white chose to play Nf3 instead of Nc3 going to the queens indian defence as you said following up with b6 by black, can the game then still transpose to nimzo-indian if white plays Nc3 and black plays then Bb4 anyway? Or is it then still called queens indian defence?

  3. I thought the classical variation was with e3, not g3?

  4. Sometimes that is actually called the "Hybrid" variation. It is an important position for the theory of both openings. After 4…Bb4 the reached position could have arisen from the Nimzo-Indian but White may argue that he has sidestepped an important main line: 4…c5 in response to 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Nf3 (…c5). Black can argue that the given position (with …b6) is still acceptable or can try 4…Bb7 in the Queen's Indian move order rather than …Bb4. Certainly tricky!

  5. actually I am really sure about this, e3 is the classical … …………

  6. I don't understand why moving the bishop to G5 to threaten the knight and pinning it is a good move. I just imagine my opponents simply moving their pawn and if I move the bishop to H4 they would just move their pawn again.

    I would also really like to know because I do that when someone threatens my knight with their bishop that way, I move my pawn up to kick the bishop back and will move the other pawn if he simply moves back one space. This must be a bad move on my part?

  7. The best chess lessons in the web, you are the master Dereque! greetings from Chile

  8. It is definitely a possibility in many positions but often it has the downside of making it more difficult to castle on that sector of the board without being exposed. Also since the f-pawn is not marching in concert, the pawns themselves could be vulnerable to f2-f4 or h2-h4 breaks breaking up the h6-g5 formation and followed by pressure against the h6 pawn.

  9. Hi Mr. Kelley,

    Awesome video. I have a question: what implication would have for white if he starts 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nc3 instead of c4?


  10. Hey, Dereque. You say early on that white prefers to avoid the nimzo-indian variation thus leading into the queen's indian, but having looked over your nimzo video I don't really see that much of a big threat by shifting to nimzo–if anything, the nimzo variation seems to be more of a headache for black to play than the queen's indian. What exactly makes the nimzo so bad for white to face, especially when some of your comments in the nimzo vid seem to have theory favoring white?

  11. Great video Dereque you seem chill and very knowledgeable thanks for explaining it so well

  12. hey dereque after 4.g3 I have heard that 4…..Bb7 is a drawing weapon.To play for a win black has to play 4….Ba6.please make a video on that as well.thanks

  13. simply wowow…. thanks for the wonderful analysis !!!

  14. It is again a great video, but i didn't understood what to do if white plays a6 at 2:56

  15. Thank you! Exactly the instruction I was looking for.

  16. I'm pretty new to this opening but I played the king's Indian attack and defence several times. however somehow I got the feeling to weaken black's king position by playing f5 which opens the diagonal for some nasty checks while whites king position seems still very safe to me. at some points black has to play extreme precisely to prevent getting himself into serious trouble. so to sum it all up I'm not really sure yet if I want to use this opening system in future.

  17. Dereque, the Queen's Indian is VERY similar to the Nimzo-Larsen attack, but with colors reversed (and down a tempo).

  18. I love your videos Dereque. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  19. Can u explain about bishop a3 variation..?

  20. Aesthetically, it's the most satisfying defense out there.

  21. Queens Indian Defense is for Black or White?

  22. Does anybody have the pdf version of "My System" by Aron Nimzowitch

  23. As an intermediate player, I like to watch your videos very, informative and short. Can I ask how many chess sets a pro like you has and which one is used in this video?

  24. Very good video….like the others as well! 😉

  25. Excellent video, super helpful and easy to understand for a novice like me. All your content is awesome.

  26. why don't you cover all the variations.
    do not show few just variatins.

  27. why we calling it Queen's Indian Defence????

  28. Excellent video, thank you. There's so many more chess tutorials which focus on White, which I always find strange

  29. Queen indian and nimzo indian are my bread and butter this are my only two answers to queen gambit

  30. I love this. Thank you for these vids

  31. After all these years I still love these videos. Thank you so much.

  32. I love your videos mate! Do you still post chess related content these days?

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