Chess Openings: Scandinavian Defense

One of the oldest chess openings, the scandinavian defense, black immediately challenges the center from white’s e4 with d5. After white recaptures black has two options to respond. Black can immediately recapture with his queen and reach equality in material or play Nf6 and try to gain a spacial and developmental advantage. If black chooses for Nf6 both sides need to keep their eyes open as there are many small traps that both sides can fall for that will destroy their position.

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  1. Nuh uh. Go solve the encoded link in the "nice" video

  2. the dispute between Qing dynasty and Sun Yat-sen has nothing to do with me.

    dear, should I buy a bottle of vinegar be gift to the Black Queen?


  4. Yeaah, Kevin you my man!
    I prefer Caro-Kann, Scandinavian just lets white gain tempo and over-develop.
    Caro-Kann is my style :3
    Keep making awesome videos xD

  5. how the hell did i get 7 thumbs down??? lol aw whatever. this vid is genius though man

  6. what point in video are you referring to?

  7. not sure I've ever seen that move. You could play an aggressive e6, leading to quicker development. After dxe6, then Bxe6 and after Bxe6 again, then Qe7. You may just want to capture with your knight though since your queen is supporting that knight.

  8. i don't hate you or anything, but i really want to know where you are getting this info from, some 800's or your making this all up plus one more thing unless if your a master don't recommend a move

  9. I take then main lines that you can find anywhere. Then I run them all through deep rybka (rated 3000+). Then I play the opening myself for about a week to get a little more insight.

  10. In the end of the video, why dont just Kd5, Qd1, KxF6, Qxf6, Bg5?

  11. I agree. If you're explaining black, explain black. Don't mix the two sides. Your explanations lose tempo.

  12. Wait, what are we playing again? Black or White? o_O

  13. i like ur videos but this one video is confusing… Most of the time u were talking on how white can attack, not about how black can defend. it loses the purpose of the video.

  14. Why is Qd8 fine later on in the game, when it isn't at the moment it's being attacked by the Knight? Immediate Qd8 might be wasting a move, but doing so later on is wasting two moves.

  15. What defense would you recommend black open with against white's queen's pawn opening. I see it a lot and am only very familiar with king's pawn defense lines.

  16. after 3…Qa5 4.Nf3 c6 5.d4 Nf6 6.Bc4 Black shouldn't play Bg4, because then Bxf7+ Kxf7 Ne5+ Ke8 Nxg4 and white won a pawn

  17. 1. e4 d5
    2. ed Nf6
    3. d4 Nxd?? // No no no can't have any of that. if you play Nf6 you can't be playing wussie moves.

    3 … Bg4! is the move, LOL

    PS thanks for your channel I like really your movies.

  18. @RunHardTimes
    To be honest, I think that explaining the two sides is the best he can do.
    This way if you are playing with black and want to use this particular defense… or if you are playing white and against it, you will know what to do.

  19. @RunHardTimes its nice to know how to counter black though. (im a white player)

  20. …what if white doesn't capture the pawn in the beginning?

  21. @randomisnotgood Then it wont be scandinavian defense…

  22. @T1MB4L4K3 That's my point. Not many people capture the pawn in the beginning; thus Scandinavian defense is not as likely to be used.

  23. At 4:47, you say white attacks both the knight and the b7 pawn, but the knight is guarded by the black queen, and black could play something like b6, or take on f3, and he is fine. Actually, once the queen leaves, white allows for black to get into c2 for the fork.

  24. you refer to the queen as a he when a queen is a she 🙂 good video though

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