Chess Openings- Slav Defense (Queens Gambit Declined)

The Slav Defense is a very popular defense in the queens gambit declined lines. The Slav Defense looks to protect his d5 pawn with his cpawn instead of using his e 4 pawn and without blocking in his bishop. Because there are so many variations in the Slav Defense it has become one of the most popular openings for grandmasters to play in chess.

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  1. this dude is exactly what i need in a teacher

  2. When white brings Qb3 and attacks on b7, simply push pawn to b6. Your centre pawn is protected by three defenders too!

  3. Great video. Queen's Gambit is so boring 😀

  4. The Knights always look like unicorns…

  5. I need to learn this slav defence so i can you for the tournament

  6. this is kinda too basic like if you never seen this before

  7. It's curious the main line for Black is to capture dxc4, when the Slav is playing 2…c6 to defend d5. If I'm going to take dxc4 anyway, why bother playing c6 blocking my knight? I think that's something learned to be good in practice, which theory cannot explain, just like the Sicilian by White playing d4 allowing cxd4 just like Black planned. It's just good in practice, we don't know why.

  8. good tip if you don't like playing against the Queems gambit then playing c6 before d5 can sometimes transform the slav defense into a Caro kan defense:) move order can change your opponent's gameplan right after move 1! and if he sticks to QG then simply play slav

  9. Excellent videos. However I would suggest a more visible pointer.

  10. What we will play if oppenent played Qb3, we should take back bishop??

  11. At 8:23 how come you don’t move the black bishop to b1 to take out the knight, was this an oversight or am I missing something?

  12. Poor presentation. “At the same time” said way too many times. Too many alternatives without continuance of a single line. Knowledge does not equate to good teaching.

  13. If white pushes to e4 then does bishop take (moving from f5 to e4), white's knight takes, black takes with knight?

  14. After 11 years u would like to thank you

  15. Thank you so much for taking ur time and helping others

  16. This is the best. I got my black pawn to B4 and it was so game over.

  17. Why doesn’t black capture the c4 pawn with his D5 pawn on his second move? He can then protect that D5 pawn (now C4) on his very next move by moving his B7 pawn up two squares. 🤷‍♂️

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  19. Thanks for that. Some sound advice there. I have really been struggling against the Queen's Gambit Declined.

  20. Just getting started on chess , I really like playing Queens gambit and have learned more about it in this video. Thanks

  21. Kevin you are the best teacher! Perfect pace to follow, and just enough info. Great videos!

  22. I am studying 1… c6 as a reply to 1.c4, this vid was useful, thanks

  23. After 12 years I'd like to say thank you! 😁

  24. After 12 years I would like to say thanks.

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