Chess : Sicilian Defense – Black win in 10 moves only

बोले तो एकदम झकास !! –
Hello Dosto kaise ho

is video me aapko sicilian defense me ek bahut hi accha chess trap/trick dikhaunga which you can use to win more games very fast.
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  1. Sir this video was very good and helpfull to me but please I have a request that please make video of playing in play magnus app

  2. I was waiting for your video.
    Sir please make video on how to play Danish Gambit.

  3. Sir aap update dya kro chess matches kai

    Anand ji kha hai
    Vidit gujrathi kai bare mai

  4. How many matches did you play?
    How many of them you won?

  5. Sir mein state ki games ke Liye jaunga (chess) to sir udher mein d4 se opening kru ya e4 se sir plzz reply……

  6. Hi Chauhan Bhai, if at move 15, white plays Bishop cross Night…..?????

  7. Bhai..sapne bhi chess ki ate hai muze…itne mazedaar vids hote hai aapke

  8. You are doing very well explaining i like it keep it up aashish bai.👌👌👍👍

  9. Sir Sicilian ka motive kya hota hai.. sare opening kue karate hai wo pahile samzaeye..

  10. Bhai teri sabhi videos bhut confuse karti hai 12 bore is excellent

  11. Dear Ashvin ji,
    Hope you are doing great and wish you great achievements n success ahead. Your Chess Videos are really instructive, explanatory n educational with lovely calm voice. I m fortunate that I got the chance to see your Videos.

    With regard to this Chess Video, I don't think that resigning early by GM's was good n seems to too early. I tried to analyze this game little bit n found that at 3:47 Nd1 (I.e. instead of attacking queen Nd5) is better n it brings back the White on better footings n helps white to regain the control of entire game n take back the revenge of one lost Knight. The move of Nd1 instead of Nd5 is much better as it now guards b2 pawn, c3 square, f2 bishop n attacks e3 Knight of Black which gives him best footing.
    Kindly analyze my suggestion n reply plz. I will be happy to know your view point n will try to analyze furthermore, if I could.
    Love Chess n Regards to You 🙏

  12. 3:45 me bishop e3 kar k game continue kyun nahi kiye plz ans….?

  13. Check white elephant black will kisse queen instead of moving Knight

  14. Ghnta starting m white bishop esa ghtiya move krega hi q

  15. Queen trap ni hota i have a great move

  16. What happened when the bishop check ???

  17. I was so confused of your dilapidated accent

  18. I couldn't understand why the Queen had only those two squares to move as an option. I mean there are other squares too such as b1, c1 or e2. Please explain. May be I am wrong but failed to reach at a conclusion.

  19. but if white play f3 pawn before bishope move than what happens. you not clear this

  20. Ashwin bhai, why it’s called Sicilian defense ?

  21. Please make a vedio in Sicilian Scheveningen

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