Damiano’s Defense Chess Opening Trap: Sac A Knight On Move Three!

“Never play …f6!” GM Ben Finegold’s words were never more true than when looking at Damiano’s Defense. Black’s early …f6 gets blasted with a knight sacrifice on move three. Be sure to keep this chess opening trap in your memory should you get the opportunity to play it.

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  1. This entire thing fall apart if black use knight to f6

  2. My friend said.. It doesn't matter cos he will beat me anyhow in the end😅

  3. I would forget the movies half way through. That’s a lot to remember

  4. What about if black plays bishop d6 after white plays the deflection

  5. i watched this like 2 weeks ago and someone played it and i made a BRILLIANT MOVE!!

  6. I did this and got 2 Brilliant move in a day. Thanks

  7. I delayed the Nxe5 move and played Bc4 and got a dirty mate 2 moves later. e4, e5, Nf3, f6, Bc4, Nh6, Nxe5, fxe5, Qh4+, Ke7, Qxe5 #.

  8. what if the black squared bishop blocks the check

  9. Just got my 5th brilliant as 1200 with this trap figured I’d come back and say thanks

  10. I "sat at the chess board and played with myself" and made up this combination on my own because my couselin always plays the damiano defense

  11. I take exception to the idea that once crushed Black will stop playing 2…f6. I have a 1200 rated opponent who has tried this 5 times against me before giving up on this move. Also there is the curious case of Sam Sloan who as a 1900 player has played it quite often in serious tournaments. (And sometimes winning!?)

  12. 3:03 how what if the black's dark bishop attack the queen

  13. 2:58 after Bxb7, black doesn't need to capture the white bishop….black needs to counter attack with Bd6 attacking white's queen….from here, black has a better chance of surviving this with a piece up.

  14. I already knew this
    But still u explain very well
    I do appreciate the effort

  15. Great video Sam 👌I've won so many games in this line. I played against someone who had been playing f6 for 10 years in my local pub, he'd never seen Nxe4 before – he almost fell out of his chair 😀

  16. saw a game where Ne5 was the best move and I didn't know why and this really helped, thank you

  17. Oof that rook mate is a really pretty move

  18. Y can’t the queen take the rook at the end … a little confused on that part ?

  19. Played someone today who played into this Damiano defense line and I was so curious afterwards why the engine liked Nxe5 so much. Thanks for the tutorial!

  20. How can you call this a refutation when this isn't how you play Damiano's defense? After nxe5 black plays qe7 not fxe5

  21. I absolutely got wrecked with this thing today

  22. When queen takes rook and black plays knight f6 wont whites queen get trapped.

  23. Just the day after watching this video, I had 1.e4 e5 2.nf3 f6 position and wanted to give this a shot, instead of mate in 1, I hung my queen and resigned 🙁

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6 3. Nxe5 fxe5 4. Qh5+ Ke7 5. Qxe5+ Kf7 6. Bc4+ Kg6 7. Qf5+ Kh6 8. d3+ g5 9. h4 Be7 10. hxg5+ Kg7

    And 11. Qg6+ (it was a mouseslip)

    Well, I'm 950 elo so even this is an accomplishment for me 😅

  24. At 1:30, why can’t block just play 6… Qxe4+ ? That seems like it puts black in a pretty decent position for counterplay.

  25. I fell for this twice. Then I used it myself, winning all my games like this. But I haven't seen F6 in this position for a very long time

  26. What to play when white take on rook on h8 & black queen takes on white center pawn giving check to white king and pining pawn on G2 (if white bishop come fwd for protection). Only way I can find is white giving it's right to castle.

  27. Bro like 3:45 the most important part of the video he rushes through it and then you didn’t even show if they don’t pawn d5 how to mate I mean it wasn’t that hard I ran through it myself and figured it out but damn incomplete rushed Camino defense I guess

  28. I always play Nxe5 whenever I see f6. My tiny little brain just want to fork King and rook with Queen on e5. I never knew you can get a checkmate in 10 moves or less. Because my opponents always play g6.

  29. I calculated that Nxe5 was winning in a game when I saw the opened king…but the opponnent set up a trap with Qe7, and I didn't calculate well enought to see that now Qh5+ is losing and played it anyway. Luckily I traded queens after losing my kinight, and with the extra material, my oponent tried for a quick attack, ended up blundering a piece, and my king after running away of a lot of checks ended up really active in the endgame and helping me to win eventually.

  30. What should white do when black Queen which came fwd to protect its King attacks white e4 pawn?

  31. Why cant bischop take on b7 first instead of pawn to h4

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