Day 224: Journey to 2000

Watch out Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen! I’m coming for you!
This is another day in my quest for a 2000 rating on

Caro-Kann Defense: Exchange Variation

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  1. What is the chilled music? I would like to listen to it when I play; very relaxing.

  2. Wow. You over thought that one hard. Just take the bishop and you're actually winning. They took with the wrong piece. They should have taken on c6 with the bishop first. After Nxc6, Qxb5, Nxa7, Qa4 the knight has no squares, they can't check on c6, and you can take the knight on the next move and be up a piece. Any other knight move besides Nxa7 and they lose their queen to Bb4, which you were trying to set up in the first place. If they would have taken with the bishop the position is relatively equal. After Bxc6, bxc6, they can't play Nxc6 because of Rac8 pinning the knight to the queen. If they play Qxc6 it's just a trade of queens. Bxc6, bxc6, Qxc6, Qxc6, Nxc6, Bxc7 and you're just playing an equal queenless middle game.

  3. And you lost 11 point cuz you played a really low rated player yaiks

  4. Rather than dragging and dropping, click on the piece you want to move and then click on the square you want to move to.

  5. You always get in this situation because your standard moves are taking your queenside bishop out and then playing e3 as white or e6 as black and forgetting that there is some danger in doing that. That bishop can no longer be used to support your queenside knight. The danger is in not recognizing the danger. If you know of the possible danger, then you can make sure you're safe usually in more than one way. Also it is often fine to have your bishop temporarily behind the e3 or e6 pawn. In that case it stands on d2 or d7 and fully protects the knight. Lots of openings have the bishop standing that way. It doesn't always have to be outside the pawn chain early in the opening.

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