e6 b6 chess opening (Opening Guide)

This video is a guide for the e6 b6 chess opening. The e6 b6 setup looks passive at first, but after learning this video, you will see several methods black can use to take control of the center and get into a good position from this e6 b6 setup. You have easy development from the e6 b6 opening. The bishops, knights, and pawns all have natural and easy positions and squares, which lead to a great position from this e6 b6 setup. Learn the e6 b6 chess opening from this video.

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  1. My favorite black opening its playable against so much and i dont see mamy using it against me

  2. No one ever threatened the bishop in those scenarios

  3. I always have this question when someone says to move bishop to B4 or something similar- why wouldn't just move their pawn to A3? The knight is protected by the other pawn and if black moves to A5, white can just push their other pawn to B4 and keep attacking the bishop. What am I missing?

  4. Thanks this seems like an interesting new way to blunder all my pieces!!

  5. When they overextend with d5 and you play nf3, it's important to note that if they play the tempting move e5 to kick away your knight, you can place it in the center, putting extra pressure on the pinned knight. So dont move it back to the starting square if this happens. Some people love pushing pawns, so this is a way to punish them. Great video!

  6. It's a very simple and effective setup indeed. I was thinking about getting Levi Rozman course about it at some point. Impeccable video.

  7. Great video, you can do 1. b6, 2. e6 as well, right?

  8. I just discovered your channel and your videos have helped me so much!

  9. bruh, I was planning making this video for the past few weeks, as soon as I release it I find out that this video comes out and I no longer have the only video on this opening 🙁

  10. just to answer some questions raised – when played against 1 e4 it is called Owens defense and against 1 d4 or 1c4 it is called the English defense as it was popularised in the 1990s by a number of top English GMS and was also played to good effect by Boris Spassky. This basis set up can be applied against any white opening is the same way as a Pirc/Kings Indian defense can be. The Gotham Chess course of this name is excellent and sets up against any white opening…

  11. How to respond to A3 (then maybe B4) kicking away Black's bishop?

  12. You would have lost a piece at 5:29. Your bishop would be lost if white would have checked with Qb3.

  13. thanks for the vid man, only e6 b6 out there. defo underrated. keep up the good work 👍

  14. Love this set up idea. Great video introduction to the opening. Subscribed!

  15. Really enjoyed this video backed up with your Owens and English Defense videos. Thank you!

  16. I often play this opening, this is a really good sort of quick study and explanation of e6b6. Good stuff- I love these kind of quick opening breakdown videos which give you an idea of the goals of an opening, the type of positions you may get into and some of the critical moves. They are helpful if you might want to play that opening and equally helpful should you face an opponent using that opening.

  17. someone played this against me and ive never seen it before and had to look it up thanks for the instructional video!

  18. Just found your channel and wanted to say I really love all the content you have!

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