EASY Chess Opening

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  1. Question mr Levy why does it called the London system when it has a pyramid it should be called the egypt system

  2. I once battled a mf with pyramid bro build a whole pyramid with pawns I cannot even attack anything 😭😭

  3. 100s of thousands of moves. Im gonna play the LONDON!

  4. Every opening will be wasted when your opponent will not play the moves shown in this video

  5. Imagine if it was called the London subway system 💀

  6. Weird when in a London system there's no queen sacrifice 😂

  7. What if the pawn attacks the light square bishop?

  8. Do the cow opening pls……😅😅😅

  9. I know it may be easy but what is the best opening for white I’ve been looking on YouTube forever and can’t find it

  10. every one speak about white open, while my brothers make me always play with black 🥲

  11. weird that it called "the london system", they really stole the pyramids too

  12. nah man dont show us the london system, the kids are watching

  13. This guy doesn’t know anything. The best way is to open up your rooks

  14. Bruh a had a 7 win streak while using it💀

  15. Me after i done all of that:
    What now??👁️👄👁️

  16. Fitting Name seems like London to steal the pyramid

  17. This is assuming the opponent does these same exact moves

  18. This is what i playied the very first time when i was 6-7 yr old

  19. And you play that openning until a guy doing the King’s indian push pawn e5 on move 8

  20. Now you know how to never improve if you are between 0-1500 Elo because you will only be playing one system and by not learning various openings you will not learn the patterns and positions that make up most of chess and are vital for a proper foundation in terms of improvement. But Gotham only cares about views and money

    He is Jewish ,no?

  21. That's what it's called? I thought it was just the pyramid opening/thingy

  22. um after thy played c5, I played the recommended move. they took. do I take back?

  23. I will try this one and post it on my channel

  24. When i tried tjis i got in a bad position and then lost since i only memoried it not actually studied or trained it

  25. Oh no… It's the PYRAMID OPENING

  26. My favourite opening is the sicilian defence (e4 c5)

  27. "this bishop is nice and cozy"
    Me proceeds to play c4

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