English Opening vs Dutch Defense

In this video, I play a slightly offbeat line against the Dutch Defense which leads to an overwhelming attack in the middlegame.

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  1. Damn Eric, that jacket looks good on you.

  2. 3:36
    I want to make a joke about that natural line but I just can't think of anything 🙁

  3. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  4. Why no doggie in the vid. Much disappointed. Woof woof

  5. hmmmm…would rather SEE the dog than hear his constant bark. Cool video otherwise!

  6. Guys guys guys

    We all know the best opening is pawn to a3

  7. 13:25 made me laugh, then I realised how retarded I am, and laugh again. (I laugh at first, thinking there are only 10 legal moves, nope there are 20)

  8. yo i just had a dutch english like 5m ago

  9. I like dogs after his bark he must be big

  10. I'm a confused man but,
    I see Eric, I need to know nothing more.

  11. yes, I can hear that really annoying dog. Makes me think of hot dogs

  12. I feel bad for your neighbors. Go shut that dog up!

  13. Very nice game,,I wish you feel many roles in the English, opening, splitting English opening anglo variation,And english two king plezz

  14. Missed a tactic @ 7:10

    19. pawn takes with check, opening up the g-file
    20 rook to g1, winning the queen

  15. So you did do the analysis after all hahaha

  16. Why didn’t black take the Knight with the bishop at the end he had 3 pieces defending.

  17. Who’s the deaf fuck saying he can’t hear a dog?

  18. Thank you for cutting to the analysis and leaving it in Eric!

  19. Awesome vid! I've learned so much from you. Thank you!

  20. @EricRosen for the puzzle of the day is the move Rxb2?

  21. im always have problem with dutch but this game very good to me thanks eric . i enjoy and learn a lot , again thanks

  22. I can hear the dog barking the whole time, very annoying. Such is continue to talk about it. We are here for Chess.

  23. Always funny when I watch on YouTube and he says “maybe this will go on YouTube” yes Eric it did

  24. 11. Ng5 would have been a crazy variation.

  25. I understand every line…. except "I can't show the dog. Have to respect the people who are allergic…" We know that allergies aren't based on sight right?

  26. After Bf4 Nh5, what to do with the Bishop? Bg3 then?!

  27. "My time management hasn't been the best, my focus hasn't been the best… but my position is pretty good." hahahaha

  28. Im 1130 rapid and play the leningrad Dutch. Im genuinly confused as to why a 2112 would play 8. … d5. I learned the basics of the opening and thats just such a terrible move. Im confusion. He makes my opening look bad lmao

  29. If you cant stay focused maybe do this another time…signing off

  30. This is about how my games go when I try to play the Dutch. There are always so many weaknesses in my position, in this game you could see how Eric Rosen easily forced black to have a dumb backwards e pawn and win the e5 square, later he simply jumped with the Knight to the kingside and pushed the h and g pawns exposing how weak the squares near the black king are. I tried to play the Dutch several times and I almost always have a feeling that this can't be a legit opening, I always end up with weak squares in my camp that are hard to deal with. The only reason why I won some games in the Dutch is because crazy tactics would pop up (I once even saced my queen for mate in the Dutch). But still, I don't understand how is this opening even playable.

  31. I've recently started exploring the English Opening, and I'm just now seeing this video. Playing the Dutch against the English is very logical as it avoids many of the gambit lines the Dutch often runs into, or at least avoids book. I am particularly interested in the Botvinnik variation of the English, but it looks like that doesn't work against the Dutch.

  32. eric, im tryna figure out why black did not move his king to f7 to avoid easy checkmate

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