Finding Powerful Squares!! | Rossolimo, Sicilian Defense | Top Theory Speedrun | GM Naroditsky

00:00 Intro
00:20 First Move
00:35 Game
30:40 Analysis
49:00 Example Position
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  1. Don't like the 15 min games
    Way too long

  2. 19:34 "I think that we… should probably try to play as solidly as possible, given that our opponent is playing super well " lmaooo danya trying to be nice

  3. Bruvvvvv I’m sitting thinking this is such great chess… then that happens LOL

  4. If suspicious was a person, this guy would be it lmao

  5. Since there was a lot of speculation in the comments regarding this game,I would like to share what I found out. I used lichess's analysis tool which shows top 5 moves at every point and apart from moves Ke2,Kg3,Rb1,Re1,fxe5 all the other white's moves in the first 26 moves were in top 5 moves.
    Also all the moves played untill the 27.Ke2 kept a slight advantage for white, black was never better before that. Additionally, c4,which Danya said was more of a "one move-threat",which is the case in most 1300 elo matches, was the best move in the position and gave white +1.6.Before the queen was blundered, the evaluation was 0.0,a draw.
    The point of this comment is not to make any kind of accusation, it is just to share what I found out of curiosity and felt like sharing with others to give them context to base their thoghts on.

  6. Beautiful game, too bad for the Queen blunder. So frustrating when it happens

  7. I would've totally fallen for the traps at the end with the knight lol. That's why I'm an 1100

  8. well played for the opponent there! great job

  9. Im 1600 and this guy is playing better than me

  10. This series is so damn good it just blows my mind

  11. Last two games have been extremely didactic.

  12. I always thought that I would play the Hyper Accelerated Dragon in order to avoid the Rossolimo, but after this game I might reconsider..

  13. Your videos are so much better with adblock. I don't want the teaching to be interrupted by the newest ad for a phone I don't care about

  14. At like 16:50, doesn't Re6 lead to a fork via the knight moving to h5? Or do we not care because if Nxg7, Kxg7 and that's just a fine place for our king to be?

  15. Another great game. That blunder was a pity. Otherwise we could have seen an endgame.

  16. It's very valueable to explain the ideas behind the theoretical moves. Thank you!

  17. 299K checking in. Good luck Danya, , much deserved!

  18. A key point to remember is that when white has pawns on e4 and f4, then f5 by black blunts white's opportunities. Black had plenty of early opportunities to do this to effect. This idea can turn up quite a lot in closed Sicilians.

  19. Awww yea a speedrun game at around my elo, finally! It would be a shame if someone turned on the ol' fish for 26 moves and makes it temporarily a 2800 elo game before self-destructing in a non-educational manner

  20. I flew you from one year.. Thanks for the free lesson.. Please if you can play with pirc defense for black strategy and middle game

  21. I flew you from one year.. Thanks for the free lesson.. Please if you can play with pirc defense for black strategy and middle game

  22. I heard you say subscribe please. And I thought about it. And then I heard you say you aren't playing at advanced level theory to demonstrate the bones of the thinking. So I want to subscribe. And then I went to subscribe and YouTube wouldn't let me because I have already subscribed.! It's never easy danya.

  23. 1300s blunder when you keep making threats. I blunder after my opponent has run out of threats (and come out worse) but I'm just too exhausted from successfully defending. As soon as the pressure comes off that's when I throw

  24. Maybe the best tutorial video about sicilian dragon on the net, thank you

  25. Home boy had to be using like an older engine. Nice tutorial.

  26. I feel like I learned a lot from this game. Also super happy that I immediately looked at moves like Qd5 (I think it was Qd5) to undouble the pawns through a queen trade as someone who is rated 800.
    Especially the ways to manouver the knight and the creation of outposts for a knight were super insightful. I was immediately able to apply the knowledge when you showed the game of the GM's as an example. I really did learn a lot so thank you! I just love chess!

  27. Watchin on a farer away screen, could you change the player info and time to a bigger font? I suppose there's a GM playing and stored the displayed name in big letters in memory already after the first video I watched. Making changing parameters readable perhaps makes more sense in general. Thanks. Great videos anyway, best explainations so far compared to the 7 chessguys I'm watching; all the best to you!

  28. Damn this dude is so bad. Imagine being 1100 rated and thinking you can give advice on the game.

  29. Okay but the 1300 at the beginning was certainly smurfing no?

    As a 1800 I don't think I could have beaten him tbh.

  30. 28:40:
    DN: "Let's finish the game in style".
    Me: "Gimme pawn RD3"
    DN: "Obviously don't play RD3"
    Me: Oh, that's why I'm 450 🙁

  31. Don’t assume your opponent will cooperate whatever you do (great advice)

  32. 17:31 I picked Qd6 because I figured if our plan was to bring the Knight in to d4, we needed both d4 and e6 open. I always find it interesting how differently my little 1690 brain thinks about things than masters – much less GMs.

  33. I feel like he's high all the time in these videos. The start of this, his eyes were the most open I've seen but then those eyelids drooped. Bet the gummy just hit late haha XD

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