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Hey everyone! This is Part 1 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Game links below:

Game 1 vs. Chiefs2020:

Game 2:

Game 3 vs. antonio2792:

Game 4 vs javor75:

Game 5 vs. savella17:

Game 6 vs. skayhawk:

Game 7 vs. ekberovic:

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  1. Please correct me if I am wrong, but at 7:35 , wouldn't Rc1+, be better?

  2. Gotham may not be the best chess player but he is the best teacher i ever had

  3. "I think he is not happy with my low rating" – Gotham =)))))))

  4. Levy just wanted to thank you for your content. Improved my game with your London opening video. Took your advice to play the dragon Sicilian as black and win most of my games using the black pieces. 900 rapid rating now and trying out E4 openings. Still need to figure out what I’m doing with the white pieces.

  5. Ah Gotham might’ve missed mate in the second game

  6. Can I see a match between Anish Giri and you

  7. At 23:25 why not move the night to e5 and fork the queen and bishop?

  8. @17:24 why not take with the C pawn and have no double pawns if you don't care about the open A file?

  9. My rating is 900 and i feel quite clever/intelligent/superior….hm strange. Maybe meet a therapist. Regards from germany and stay healthy (as we say since COVID)

  10. You're a great chess player thanks for the tips

  11. Wh….what do you mean I'm not supposed to give the opponent my queen as a peace tribute???

  12. vs the dude called javor 75, you could have tried the legall's mate

  13. So I guess I just have to mind control my opponent into blundering every single piece like in game 1. Does this work at 1100 too?

  14. 17:53 heavy as in heavy weight lifting, not lazy fat nothing, they are working- no, fighting a war!

  15. How the hell is that possible. I play with 700's and I have maybe 1 blunder of that kind per game… Here 1000's just hang out the queens on the way of bishop etc….

  16. Do 1000s play this bad or they look this bad????
    I am in my 1000s 🤣🤣

  17. Ultimate alpha move is witnessing their blunder then putting yourself in jeopardy for a 1:1 trade off

  18. Played a game as black after watching this and it was the first game i ever got 0 blunders. Only 1 mistake, 1 missplay

  19. The rating doesn't judge the player accurately, always remember that

  20. 7:19 who saw that check? He could have moved his rook to c1 and then took his rook, then his bishop then check.

  21. Ah, I get it. To win at the 1000 level you need to play like a 2400. Got it.

  22. 32:10 Since he didn't see your queen, if you took with the rook, he might actually take back with his queen. And then you win a free queen.

  23. levy i got a question at 7:34 why did not you move rook to give a check, then his rook takes ours, we have a check mate

  24. This video is all about smurfing some might banned for this 😀

  25. I play 800elos that are 100x better than these accounts. No mistakes or blunders. Its like I'm playing ims

  26. No chance this happened a year ago, it feels like i watched it yesterday

  27. I Challenge all the 1000 players who write hater comments to say that this video has not been instructive for them.

  28. 17:25 why did you take with axb6 instead of cxb6 to get rid of those doubled pawns?

  29. The main thing I learned from watching this is even without any memory you can stomp lower levels with pure solid fundamentals. Having all of your pieces active and protected allow for the opponent to blunder and take when they think it isn't guarded and gives tons of discovered attacks for easy pickings.

  30. This is the Levy I remember and like. A little more straight forward, a little less pizazz.

  31. I have a rating of 1500 and I would commit suicide if I lose to a 1000 rating. curse you lol

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