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Hey everyone! This is Part 1 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Game links below:

Game 1 vs. Chiefs2020:

Game 2:

Game 3 vs. antonio2792:

Game 4 vs javor75:

Game 5 vs. savella17:

Game 6 vs. skayhawk:

Game 7 vs. ekberovic:

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  1. Watching these vids after going thru the Gotham course just brings a new elevated level of understanding. Thank you so much, Levy.

  2. 10:40 sicilian draon and bowdler players be like : hOw AbOuT I dO aNyWaY

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  4. 1200 players the levy plays against:
    Blunders queen and knights

    The 800 players i play
    I see mate in 47 and 15 ways to win the queen

  5. Holy shit the 1000s you play against are so so bad, the queen blunder and the rook blunder, everytime i play so well but apparently my opponent is 1400, also, youre gaining like 30 points on every game, i usually get 7-9, and btw if im just 'that bad', im not, i can beat the 1500 chess bots

  6. If you don't want 1000's to play the Sicilian, why would you demonstrate 1000 Elo level games by playing it? That is called a slaughter, not chess.

  7. "An open king is good, especially when you're on the attacking side" -Levy, 2020

  8. The reality is lower elo player plays better than 1500 to 1700 as they use chess engines

  9. I'm not even 900 and the people I play against seem to never blunder

  10. As a 950-1000 It's soul crushing to see how quickly his rating goes up.

  11. 1000's watch this: "I'm won't do blunders in my games". GM playing vs them with only a queen: "28 blunders. You didn't wanna live my eyes a chance, huh?!"

  12. I have an doubt what is this app that u are playing

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  14. Levy I am sure they are panicking going against you. It would be nice if you could find a way to play them without them getting that effect 🙂

  15. 7:30 isn't rc1 just absolutely winning for black? cuz rxc1 qxc1 then white's only move is to block with the bishop. if white blocks with the bishop right away then just rxb1 qxb1 qc3 then black will play rc8 next move? obviously qc3 right away still won easily but I'm just wondering if rc1 was maybe a little better in that position

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  17. 9:55 surely white just taking the c5 pawn is a good idea. Can't retake the pawn

  18. At 7 32 couldn't you have just given a check with the rook and traded them off with a check and not have to trade queens?

  19. Guys complaining like "my opponents play way better than these guys" just don't understand that the fact that actually Levi is improving his position when there is no obvious thing to do and he's making it simple.So try to learn positioning and other things and you'll find it simple as well.TBH I'm also like you guys:)

  20. 1000s vs you: blunders galore
    400s vs me: i just watched all of gothams videos and i am playing way above my rating 🙂

  21. Original idea de enseñar a jugar ajedrez con ideas y planes de partida gracias dé Cd Juárez Chihuahua México

  22. this was very helpful thank you ❤️

  23. Your opponents plays like drunk, while mine at elo 950 always find excellent moves and never blunder a single pawn.

  24. Damn the 1000s 1 year ago were stupid now they do no blunders with 70% accuracy 😭😭

  25. Day 2 of commenting on random old Levy videos

  26. 17:40 you could have gotten a completely normal structure by playing c takes b6

  27. "I guess he was not happy with my low rating"

    bruh, that guy didn't have any idea

  28. what the actual fuck, first guy should be 2.5 elo not 1k

  29. The 600 players I get never does these one move blunders …. Or is it just me who cannot see it

  30. I think for a 1000 he played terrible (first one)

  31. I always create crazy threat but cant find the ending combination

  32. Just… how are you meeting these players

  33. my opponents don't make these mistakes 🙁

  34. thats the hard part, improving your position! lol

  35. I’ve learned more in 10 minutes of this video than I have in my entire life

  36. 1000 rated players this days are not even this weak

  37. This is fun to watch, but not nearly as "instructive" as it seems. Watching a chess master whomp patzers and playing openings with black that 1000s don't play. Levy doesn't play a single Giocco Piano in his e4 with black series. Mostly gambits and caro kann, when novice players are trying to learn Ruy Lopez or Italian game theory. Watching Levy will make you think you are getting better at chess but really you're vicariously enjoying a dominant player kick the sh*t out of scrubs playing a different opening every time so you don't learn any of the key themes of an opening.

  38. Me playing against 1000s: Sees a brilliant move that leads to a mate in 6 and plays like a 2000

    Levy's opponent: Literally blunders all his pieces

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