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Hey everyone! This is Part 1 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Game links below:

Game 1 vs. Chiefs2020:

Game 2:

Game 3 vs. antonio2792:

Game 4 vs javor75:

Game 5 vs. savella17:

Game 6 vs. skayhawk:

Game 7 vs. ekberovic:

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  1. At 5:50, you could have just taken the bishop with a check, and then come back for the rook

  2. Gotham vs rank 1000 player: So far all this guys moves make no sense.

    Me vs rank 1000 player: wth Is this guy psychic!?!?

  3. Only one year old and you look like 10 years younger on it.

  4. The point is that if you stuck to a particular rating for long.You will get strong opponents of that rating.

  5. At this level a common truth i learned is:
    The one who wins is the one who made elss mistakes

  6. Fighting people like this are easy, why am I getting beaten so much… 🙁

  7. POV your a sad, nasty 300 watching sadly from a distance

  8. 9:32 resigns when he realizes he can't move his king any further

  9. All 1000s-2000s every move they make is a blunder when it's against our GOTHAMCHESSGANG!

  10. His 1000 rated : does a king sacrifice
    My opponents at 1000 rating : sees mate in 24 after first move

  11. Its like watching myself playing chess online, crushed by players like you

  12. @17:24 anyone can tell me why he doesn't take the knight with the c7 prawn in order to avoid double prawns?

  13. Yeah I don't know where this first opponent even comes from, people aren't this bad in the one thousand level

  14. At 6:09 would it be even more beneficial to take the bishop with the night on b4? Then take the rook?

  15. the 800s I play are so much better than these 1000s

  16. I’ve lost to 800-900 while making tops one blunder it’s crazy

  17. Every 500-800 rated opponent literally plays better than this

  18. And… he cursed me out in Polish 😂😂😂😂

  19. This is technically not a guide. More like playing in 1000+

  20. I'm sure I'm missing something but 7:21 can you not play the rook to c1

  21. I hate it like in the 3rd game when players just go to trade everything in the beginning of the game

  22. hey i’m pretty new at chess, only rated around 650. i was wondering why gotham couldn’t play bishop b4 at 21:59. did he miss it, or am i missing something

  23. “I don’t think I can mate with only these pieces”. * Hangs mate in 1.

  24. I enjoyed this series very much, though I watched the videos backwards going from 2200 to 1000.

    The general points still stand, but I noticed some cool stuff (stuff people trying to improve from 1000 won't care about) checking the game against AhoraMarceloCuello. …Ne7 is a better way to face Be3, as Qd2 instead of b3 renders Qb6. Also, the Boomerang technique is cool in general but runs into Bc3 here. (I'm a longtime French player who's gotten burned by taking that one extra-extra pawn.) For those who like disgusting engine lines, My chess engine says Nb4 is brutal instead of Qa1. Nc2 is coming.

  25. It's not completely fine if you are playing 10 minute game and opponent let his time go for more than 6 minutes when I have mate in 1

  26. 3 min 1000s are more like 600 10 min I don't blunder NEARLY that many 1 move blunders and I am 950.

  27. Thanks for the content i have watched all the parts Awesome!

  28. This video explain why my opponent in 1000 rating is so strong.

  29. Wtf the 1000s i play come up with 12 move sequences for forced mate out of nowhere, meanwhile the first game here the dude drops a rook and his queen in 2 moves…

  30. My ~700 opponent in a 10 0 game was about to lose with 5 minutes left and he told me to accept a draw or he would drain his clock

  31. Wait wait wait a minute, +30? What the heck, I beat people 50 points above me and don't even break +10 points.

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