Gotham Chess Guide Part 6: 2000+ | Defensive Masterclass

Hey everyone! This is Part 5 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Today there were a lot of concepts covered, here are all the game links:



  1. thank you gotham ! you’ve definitely helped me improve my game and i appreciate you as a person even more !!!!

  2. Levy told me to leave a comment so that's what I'm doing

  3. We are suspiciously strong because we are actually IMs in disguise

  4. Your end game play in the final game was a joy to watch.

  5. That last game was really impressive. Obviously you blundered a piece, which happens, but then you just calmly outplayed your opponent. I didn't see any obvious blunders by your opponent, it looked like you just found a winning plan. Advancing the queenside pawns, cutting off the white king, and exploiting the imbalance of rook vs two knights. It was really a beautiful game, I wish I could play that well. GG Levy

  6. Dude I watched this video and then went and beat a 2030. I'm also 1700 in 25 minute games

  7. 21:14 why not white Horse on e6 and check to force change horse for queen?

  8. I didn't like how sad your batman picture looks.

  9. I'm rated 2000 (2091) to be exact I win some lose some games got up to 2400 in Puzzles in a single day without trying played some good games and tough games lost quite few games lately.😂😂

  10. Hey mr.achieve3000 here, I am are no cheat (all the time) I am promise!!!

  11. Your first opponent is actually 2280 fide he is extremely underrated on chesscom.

  12. You are a great coach levy . Thanks for making this kind of videos buddy

  13. liking this series! Just enjoy hearing you talk through your thought process.

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