How to CRUSH the Sicilian Dragon After 7 Moves

Dragon players beware!
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  1. As much as I like the clickbait title, it would’ve been better if you used “SLAY” instead of “CRUSH”

  2. Bg7 isnt mistake stockfish isnt say that is mistake if blak dont capture the game was equal

  3. Eric: Is e5 after f4 a good move for black? Thanks

  4. Eric Rosen: after these moves white is already much better
    Stockfish: +0.1

  5. every time you're getting in-depth the chat morons distract you with tips. what a frustrating watch

  6. Your lessons are the best sir.please make a video in dutch defense opening and strategy plans in dutch

  7. What about pawn E5 instead of defending with the other knight

  8. g77.e5dxe58.fxe5Nfd79.e6fxe610.Nxe6 then black has bxc3#
    so, does not work!!!

  9. Awesome video, as usual, but you missed a golden opportunity. The title clearly should have been: “How to SLAY the dragon…”

  10. Why can’t black block the check with knight to C6

  11. Very clickbait-y title when 'crush' is in all caps. Is that really necessary to get your views? I'm sure your subscribers would watch it regardless. Also, using such clickbait tactics in close to half of your recent uploads kinda brings you down a notch in terms of how classy you come across. Have confidence that the quality of your content will speak for itself!

  12. Follow up question. Did chandler or monica prepose?

  13. You make me not want to play the dragon again

  14. I love how in every video you can see when he gets the idea for the title lmao

  15. "Don't upload this to youtube with a clickbaity title"

    Rosen: Lol I'ma destroy this man's whole opening repertoire

  16. His every mouse click is a chess move💯💯💥

  17. It should have been "How to SLAY the dragon"

  18. Isn't it 100% move because it goes into checkmate?

  19. What is the name of the chess program you're using?

  20. Great content but it won’t affect me because I always play the London as white 😁✌🏻

  21. Eric Rosen is soooo lazy to pick jokes he makes them funnier.

  22. What is this software?? What amazing tools to learn chess.

  23. I just played this and screwed my opponent over, cannot thank you enough for this.

  24. Actually 9996 players fell for it, I fell for it 5 times…

  25. ok I am going to learn this way. I was planning to learn the close opening, but I guess this works out too

  26. Over 30 years ago Jon Speelman showed good results with 6Bg7 and 7Nh5 for black….

  27. After 8 fxe5 Nfd7 you suggest 9 e6, but then after 9 … Ne5 10 exf7+ (best) Nxf7 is White's game really so bad?

  28. I like how no one understood the 11 fish joke lol

  29. Thx SOooooo much this was SOoooooo helpful @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  30. Clickbait. You play nc6. The dragon is Just very Sharp. If you dont want to learn it you shouldnt play the dragon

  31. I think Bishop G7 then knight H5 in response to E5 is practically better and the database supports this (white has a 44% win rate), through stockfish thinks it's +0.2 for white.

    G4 is common to attack the knight but you can just take the f4 pawn, and if the bishop takes back you take e5 forking the knight and bishop.

  32. Love how Eric came up with the name and then stuck with it exactly. Including the caps.

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