How to CRUSH the Sicilian Dragon After 7 Moves

Dragon players beware!
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  1. someone please tell me the best way to counter this as black

  2. Everyone here is first. That's cool.

  3. 3:59 almost thought he was going to say “shit show” there for a sec lol

  4. When you are so early that (I know I'm commenting this late but who cares) that nah idk

  5. Nooooo…….. i love you teaching things…. i meant i learned a lot from your stream and youtube mostly …. but noooo…. yes im selfish…

  6. Oh no my favorite black opening 🙁

  7. I Just reached 1800 Rating on my Lichess & I face the same problem defending against these threats 🤒

  8. On twitch paying out his own clickbait title for a video ripped from his twitch, the meta is shifting

  9. Oh, so you are teaching the Levenfish now? More easy games for me 😀 Dragon players unite

  10. How to counter attack if I'm playing the Dragon? 😅

  11. The hyper accelerated dragon laughs at all your puny threats

  12. What happens after
    9) e6 fxe6 10) Nxe6 bxc3+
    You gotta take the bishop or move the king out in the open. This way you trade your bishop and get your queen safe with the next move

    Is this saving black or am I tripping?

  13. Hey Eric… I'm a dragon player myself who shifted to Hyperaccelerated dragon but still I face a lot of problems against pawn storm…any suggestions please! Apparently I shifted to Hyperaccelerated dragon but still most of the time people try to to play the Yugoslav against me(which you can't actually, against accelerated) and I just lose.

  14. Rest in peace to that guy in chat who held the secret

  15. I use ur video for meditation….your voice is op

  16. Shit I'm becoming a chess elitist… my first reaction to f4 was pure disgust and disdain for the white player for such a weak move

  17. Glad this was upvoted to YouTube. I'm not on Twitter but you're making me consider it. Do you stream daily?

  18. at 3:55 doesnt black have the in-between move of taking the knight on c3?

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