How To PUNISH Early Queen Attacks

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  1. Or instead of queen moving move the knight to a5 and fork there queen and Bishop 4:10

  2. 7:05, because you'd be forcing check, the King would move to the left, or down one square. If they moved to the left, that's forcing the fork all over again. If they moved down one, you could still go for the pawn, because that would open up the Queen head on to check again. If you don't want to lose your knight, you can simply move him to a spot that could also force check from Queen, while keeping pressure on/ guarding other pieces/being guarded.

  3. At 4:29 he tells us to play King to f7 but we should rather play the move knight to c2, cause that work fork King and the queen.

  4. 7:16 knights b3 win a rook, they can’t take your knight, because of exposure check, and next move, you snag the rook

  5. A "trap" i found to counter is with black, it goes like 1 e4 e5 2 qh5 d6 2 bc4 kh6 2 kf3 bg4, the queen is trapped

  6. concept 5: knight H3
    you can take the queen if they play queen f7

  7. I find early queen attacks are a bad idea, unless you think you can rush a newbie. Usually there aren't many attacks you can make early in the game that would be worth putting the queen in danger.

  8. I usually push back the queen with pawns, and yes I am a newbie that knows little about chess.

  9. Broski,i play wayward queen against a 1400 over the board and i mated him in eight moves

  10. I think I'd rather just knight check and take queen at 4:30m than take the bishop tho.

  11. So be aggressive if the opponent is aggressive, got it

  12. Bro, not watching your video, I saw chess talk video of early queen attacks

  13. 7:37 Most of the time, an undeveloped piece isn't really in the game. If your opponent only moves their queen around, they have essentially decided to play without both rooks, both knights, and both bishops. As you might imagine, this leads to a lopsided game.

    8:10 Nelson calls h-pawns "Harry" … What are his names for the b- and g-pawns?

  14. I devoured many queens by playing h6 if they try scholars mate

  15. thanks! the wayward queen has been owning me but now I know

  16. 4:30 bro is gonna rather take the bishop than fork than triple fork😭

  17. How when they develop the black square bishop and attack my knight?

  18. Learning to deal with early queen attacks from low level players really allowed me to flourish in the game. Your video was a crucial part of my learning to combat them and I wanted to credit and thank you.

  19. Or there's even simpler, smash the clock against your opponent's head if he brings his queen right away, very effective

  20. 4:34 Also in this situation, there is a fork with knight. (Knight X C2, that move forks Queen and Rook same time. It forces the King to move, because they can't eat the knight in any way, this way you both get a free queen and your opponent loses the right to castling.)

  21. Great advice. I seem to find myself against this start all the time!

  22. 7:02 best move for blacks would be f5 (i guess everyone can understand but i will say) u will check king when king go somewhere u will get queen u would win this game easily

  23. Bro on 4:33 you blundered a queen , you can fork the Queen with knight

  24. Hehheheeh now I can beat this bozo

    My best friend does this move so I just block everything

  25. What about the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit?

  26. at 7:05, would a good move be Kf5? it’s a discovered check on the king which also will take queen on next move

  27. This video makes so much sense. I am going to rewatch is to that I can get the black defense strat. I am a beginner and I want to practice against Nelson.

  28. How to punish the early queen attack:

    1. Play the Sicilian Defense
    2. Try to go for the invisible knight fork
    3. Offer a draw
    4. Humiliate the opponent
    5. Literally play anything else than e5
    6. Don't play chess anymore
    7. Develop your pieces while trying to hinder/block the opponents attacks.
    8. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there

  29. I am so happy to learn this skill and beat the neeko bot. Thank you so much 👍🏻

  30. at 7:01 u can move ur horse to f4 attacking the queen and discovered check. their only move is to propose a queen trade

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