How To REALLY Play The London System

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  1. What is the response after you move your bishop the first time and they move e7 pawn to e5 attacking your bishop?

  2. This looks like The London System but you always play 1. e4 player. PS: I am the guy that always plays 1. e4

  3. who is jimmy and why is his name on your face?

  4. Say that to an Indian .. will laugh for a minute atleast 😂 the londoon system

  5. The London system allows for the Queen Gambit pawn trade.

  6. Thank you Benji, you are the reason why we get humourous and high quality chess content.

  7. Lundooooon system sounds better,,, imma use this shit

  8. Man I've pushed that bishop like that a thousand times 😂😂

  9. I think what white was doing wasn’t actually bad.

  10. Is the reason you don't landslide your paws because that a5 bishop is already weak and attacking it just gives it a chance to be stronger while you don't really have an attack? So instead you should develop and improve your position.

    I'm an unrated noob because I still haven't gotten the courage to play any online chess, but I'm probably triple digits.

  11. The London System is what typical people call it. I call it The Crime against Chess System.

  12. If u do London system why do you have a queen ??

  13. No one gonna talk abt "jimmy" being on his face in pen?

  14. But what's the point? H7 is guarded by a knight, you can't do anything with just a queen and a bishop, no?

  15. But the Position after c4 looks pretty reasonable!!

  16. The way he says dog is so quintessentially new york

  17. “I just moved my bishop around bc I was trying to subtly write my name on his face while pretending to focus on the game”
    -Jimmy from Londun, probably

  18. The waffle house has found it's new host

  19. do you have Jimmy written on your face??? did you loose a bet? Did you pass out drunk next to a guy named jimmy??

  20. why does black play bb4 in the opening, I would play bd6!

  21. I play knight C3 the just March forwar and fork the king and rook

  22. why does he have jermey written on his face

  23. i feel like it’s moments like this which really shows how much he taught young kids. like he tries to explain stuff that a little kid could understand and it comes out a little in his videos.

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