How To REALLY Play The London System

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  1. Why would u choose to live in the city?????? Must cost a damn fortune and no benefit…only cost…to quality of life, joy for u/ family, dog included, space to move, privacy, peace of mind, birds chirping, fresh air, stars at night…i can go on…..seriously i don't get it.

  2. The Lampoon System, cause that's what happens to you if you play it, jk.

  3. Levy.. Did the misses run out of paper! Why have you got what looks like my name on your face?

  4. No one is talking about the 'jimmy' on his face

  5. Benji in the morning….fucking hilarious comparison to forgetting about sticking to the London opening.

  6. What happend to your face? It’s like hurt

  7. How do you go queen H7 when the knight is defending it?

  8. How london can still play chess without the most important…. THE QUEEN !!!

  9. not just chess ..u r genius otherwise as your humor says it all !! Luv u bro

  10. Did anyone see someone wrote jimmy oh his face

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