Introduction to the French Defence | Kids’ Class – GM Ben Finegold

Grandmaster Ben Finegold teaches the kids (and you) to play the French Defence. Beginner opponents won’t know what to do, since they are dogmatically used to 1. e4 e5.

C00 French defence


  1. Asks kids a question, kids try to respond, No talking!

  2. Don't talk unless you raise your hand. Don't raise your hand. We do have security here.

  3. I'd like to believe none of these kids have any idea what he's talking about lol

  4. amazing content….th kids r lucky to get him to teach…….

  5. i can see him as a standup…doing only jokes on chess

  6. Great. Thanks a lot for sharing.🙏🏼

  7. Ben:YOU know we have security over here
    Me:What are you guys going to do to the innocent kids after the video

  8. No talking. Unless you raise your hand. Don't raise your hand.

    This may be the funniest chess video Ive ever seen.

  9. I like what they did there with the spelling in the title….. I get it… tee hee ;D

  10. Everyone talk about Gotham Chess, but I think Ben's explanations are way better

  11. Don't talk unless you raise your hand or Ill call security.

  12. This guy is absolutely insufferable. First video I've tried to watch with him and I'm already too annoyed with his attitude 1:06 in.

  13. Cheers to the kid who booed when told to not talk… lol. Jokes aside, I really appreciate Ben Finegold, I really need this.

  14. seems like this man not good for kids. just saying

  15. "Alright. Very good. Okay, who's the quietest?"

  16. Thank you for taking the trouble to upload videos of your classes. I want to learn from your videos but there are problems with them. Your choice of theme for displaying board positions is not easy on the eye. The white square and figurines are so bright that it strains my eyes just to look at the things. And white pieces on white squares and black pieces on black squares are very hard to make out.

    Two chess fonts I like are Book Classic and JinAlpha, which are Linares and Alpha respectively, but with white borders, which let them stand out well against dark backgrounds. Then true black for black square and dark grey for white squares.

    I tried just listening, while trying to imagine the board, but your spoken words don't tell us all we need to know. How do you teach your students who can't see the board positions in your presentation?

  17. I love watching ben but it kills me every time he asks the kids a question and then says “no talking “ when they answer ☹️

  18. "By going off the beaten path, you, too, can enjoy Robert Frost" lmao

  19. "Free content from GMs, there's nothing you can do but complain all the time"

  20. Very soffisticated review of french defense. I love it!

  21. Nothing makes me feel more dumb than learning along what six year olds? Eight year olds? Who knows

  22. The main reason I started using and continued to use the French defense is because of my low rating

    Players my rating love to always try the form of checkmate 80% of the time. The blockade of the f7-e6 Pawn chain prevents the light square bishop Bishop which is usually placed on the Queen Side from helping the Queen in the quick checkmate tactics

    The second reason I like playing it is it further amplifies the first reason is it kills the Fried Liver attacks which are such a drag to defend.

  23. the horse looks lit bit over weight but I like it

  24. he told me to stop that and focus and I did

  25. "No talking unless you raise your hand. We have security here." That's gold, fine gold.

  26. I love how Ben asks a question, the kids try to answer and he tells them “**No talking!**”.

  27. Even if this video was recorded during a class given to kids, GM Finegold is able to explain also something interesting to those who already play the French. For example the Alekhine push of h4. Great teacher!

  28. That Poisoned Pawn Game from Fischer vs. Finegold Sr. reminded me of the Fischer vs. Kovasevik Game, a game that Fisher DID NOT Win.

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