Kings Gambit Declined – Classical Defense

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The Kings Gambit is one of the most popular openings for white and has many different ways to defend against it. For those players that decide to decline the gambit, the Classical Defense is one of the more common ways for black to play. This is an in-depth video of how white can attack the Classical variation.


  1. What if black does not play Bishop to c5 and just pushes the pawn to d6 for another defence? What to do then?

  2. Very nice vid thanks for your great explanation

  3. In the last defense when you use Bd3 what if the black repond in Bh4 you cant defend it with phone cause he'll eat it with Knight and you cant castle anymore

  4. thanks, I prefer your videos to other chess channels because of your explanations and going over multiple lines, and keeping it simple. gives a broad idea of the main ideas behind the openings. much appreciated

  5. What should I do if black place queen to h4 check instead of Bishop to c5..?

  6. Im playing wizzards chess. Checkmate in 1 move every time.

  7. I have a question if you dont mind… 7:48 after moving the bitshop , what prevents the knight to go to f2 forking both queen and rook??

  8. What if he plays nf6 instead of bc5?
    Should i play pawn d3?

  9. Brother, you missed an important line:

    1. e4 e5
    2. f4 Bc5
    3. Nf3 d6
    4. c3 f5
    5. d4 exd4
    6. cxd4 fxe4

  10. When I practiced this against the computer at a 4 level, I found it impossible to win !!!! Lol, ☹

  11. How do I respond on 12:39 when black plays queen to d7 to prevent Check mate?

  12. Improve sound. It seems to me your sound is whisper.

  13. Title says "classic defense" but it is not. It is all about how white should play who is NOT defending. All chess videos are about how to play as white.

  14. I’m confused, you never show knight to f2 forcing pressure on both the queen and rook forcing the king to attack and preventing a castle. What’s the best defense for that

  15. What if they play pawn to d5 should I take??

  16. what if second black move is queed d6? how do u defend that as white?

  17. Isn’t the pawn on e4 always unguarded though? What’s stopping black from capturing the e4 pawn after the bishop delivers a check? Now you’re being attacked both by the bishop and the knight

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    I have a question. I'm about 750 rating, so no pro. I played a guy who used the King's Gambit while he was using the white pieces, but he put his pawns on E4 and D4, with his knight on F3 (My knight was on C6, and my pawn was on E5). I was completely caught off guard. It ended up being a disaster when I declined the D4 pawn, and he simply pushed it forward. Such a seemingly simple move, but I was completely caught off guard. Any suggestions on how to defend this slight variation of the King's Gambit?

  19. Is it always a disadvantage to play as black?

  20. what if the black chose to move pawn to d5

  21. i'm new at chess and only know the basics so can somebody explain to me why in 8:33 e5 can go to f6

  22. What if he checked straight away with his queen?
    Happened to me several times and couldn't defend

  23. My notepad is on fire 🔥 from how fast I’m writing. Great chess lecture! I made up my mind to become a specialist on the Kings Gambit.

  24. Love these videos since they go so in depth, but there is a lot to remember and if you are trying to improve by memorizing starts, I find it a bit difficult to remember. I suggest, after you explained moves after a certain move, you could just quickly go hack, then quickly play the moves so we can remember. Of course, it is online and we can just pause, but would love a quick summary.

  25. This video was made before the woke madness. You're not allowed to refer to either side as "he" anymore, hahaha

  26. Such it show us proper way decline method

  27. Bishop's Gambit better as both David Bronstein and Fischer himself proved when he
    (Bobby) crushed Larry Evans in the 63/64 US championship with the White Pieces on his epic 11=0 run. Dr, Anthony Saidy was Fischer's last victim in that tourney and Saidy beat me sometime in the late 80's in LA (Gruenfeld if memory serves me well.

  28. What about blacks bg4 right at the beginning ?

  29. pawn d4 in the last example is crucial… or else knight can go onf2 covered by bishop and threaten rook and queen… we call it family check if rook and queen are on a fork by knight

  30. Nice explanation on king's gambit declined, here.

  31. I really think somebody should cover d5 after gambit declined can't find it anywhere on YouTube and I have the most trouble with it

  32. If you know how to play Bird's Opening, you'll understand how to play King's Gambit.

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