King’s Indian Attack against the French Defense || Chess openings for beginners ||

In this video we are continuing to discuss the King’s Indian Attack against the French Defense. We are now jumping into the g6 system and again we will go over 3 games to illustrate how to attack with this opening against the different black setups.


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My name is Alex Villafuerte. I was born and raised in Cuba and did not start playing chess until the age of 13. My high school years were a complete grind trying to improve and get better. By the time I was 22 years old, I reached my peak rating of 2220 FIDE and also at that time I decided to go to medical school. Yes I am a medical doctor. Now that I am done, I decided I wanted to get back into chess and maybe even reach FM and what better way than to make videos about the things I am working on and going over.


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  1. I dont get good positions in this opening

  2. Hi friend I'm know played with u . Thanks

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