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Here I present to you ten opening system set-ups that you can play to get out of the opening and into the middle-game. In each system, I discuss the set-ups and then discuss the potential move orders to reach each position.

Lichess Study with all the positions to play around with:

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1…e6 versus everything set-up:

A-Z to chess openings:

Time Stamps:

Introduction 0:00
Set-up 1# A Black London/Colle System 0:25
Set-up 2# The English Rat Defense (Endgame system) 3:50
Set-up 3# The Hippo! 8:17
Set-up 4# 1…e6 versus everything 14:03
Set-up 5# The Modern defence 16:45
Set-up 6# 1…Nc6 versus everything The Nimzowitsch Defense/ Mikenas Defense 20:39
Set-up 7# The Old Indian 24:14
Set-up 8# The Owen’s defense 1…b6 against everything 27:17
Set-up 9# The Black Lion defense 30:35
Set-up 10# The Small centre/Rat Defense 34:00


  1. Amazing vid as always. The Black Lion is so fun to play

  2. Excellent video. I’d never heard of the English rat. I love the Owen/English defense e6 b6 positions, but they’re very volatile if you make a mistake. I’ve considered learning the hippo a few times, haven’t gotten around to it yet. I could say the same about the black lion. Anyway, thank you very much for the information 🙂

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