Learn the Budapest Gambit and Relax ♔ Chess Opening Tips & Tricks ♔ ASMR

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Take your opponent out of their comfort zone already on move 2 and push for a win with black in the Budapest Gambit.
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00:00 welcome
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02:34 introduction
04:17 The Budapest Main Variations
17:25 Example game


  1. Beautiful video! i've been following the opening and have encounted the move e3 instead of h3 at 14:21. Haven't found an efective move to end in a favorable position. Any ideas??

  2. I love these opening videos! I know you've been doing openings that you actually play so far, but if you ever do decide to branch out to other openings for these videos and you're open to suggestions, I'd love a video on the Traxler counterattack. It gives me similar vibes to the Budapest in that it always leads to really sharp games and there are some tricks if your opponent doesn't know the theory.

  3. 38:30 this is not actually a checkmate, as white, you can just move rook 2 squares left, and that's it, games goes on and on after that

  4. You are the reason I got better in chess! Your videos are relaxing, educating and fun! Keep up the good work!

  5. What if they dont play knight F3 to protect the pawn but attack my knight with h3 pawn

  6. Hi guys, after rewatching this great video I have question, in a position like the one at min 28:15 what if white plays Ne4 instead to Nd5? What do you think would be the best move for black?

  7. This is now my go to for black, then I started testing it with white and learned the Reti and Tennison Gambit, really improved my game, thank you for these kinds of videos!

  8. Can you do more of these? You're my favorite chess teacher

  9. Love the videos, I’ve been working my friends

  10. This one is harder for me to learn but it's so cool and dynamic! Can't wait to mess people up with this 🤣
    Thanks as always relaxing chess man

  11. Your ASMR is so good that I listened to the sponsorship haha, I've been watching lots of your videos recently, really great stuff man, such a good idea

  12. I’ve probably tried to watch this video 20 times to learn the opening but I fall asleep every single time, very hard to learn like this but I’m not complaining!!

  13. thank you very much for all those detailed explanations, I'll now head over to rapid and try this out

  14. Had to watch this video again! What an amazing professional introduction you gave this gambit! 3 mins in and I'm totally psyched to learn the rest of it! LOL! Keep up the good work my man! If you don't hit a million subscribers by 2025 then Karma is gonna have a big imbalance in it for real 🙂

    I'm worried that Youtube's algorithm is broken and growing channels like yours aren't getting the exposure they would have gotten in the past. Ever since the adpocalyse things haven't been the same on here.

    What else could be behind AChessMR not hitting even 100k yet? Makes zero sense.

    May I ask what you first name is sir, ASMR Chess? Just curious? I'm Jack btw

  15. even the ads in this channel are relaxing me to the bones

  16. I have a strong friend who loves the QG, but I tried this defense today against them with imperfect success. I missed a few moves but the effect was devastating. Thanks for the hard work you put in!

  17. Hello, can you tell me how the name came? Greetings from Budapest. :-]

  18. What about Bxf2+ after that? If he takes with the king, then Ne4+, bishop forked, you take it and get ready to develop the queen and check. I actually don’t know what’s the line if you take the bishop with the queen, but if white captures the knight, there’s f5+ and it’s a very difficult situation for white’s king. I have no time to calculate, but, with the correct moves, black may win an outstanding game. However, it’s very risky
    Edit: ok maybe I had to watch for twenty seconds more

  19. You've managed to do what no other person has ever managed in forty-five years. You've made chess interesting for me.

    I still never want to play it again of course, but I do really enjoy listening to your enthusiasm and relaxing tone.

  20. Example game:
    1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5 3. dxe5 Ng4 4. Nf3 Bc5 5. e3 Nc6 6. Be2 Ngxe5 7. O-O Nxf3+ 8.

    Bxf3 Ne5 9. Be2 O-O 10. Nc3 Re8 11. a3 a5 12. Nd5 Ra6 13. Bd2 Qh4 14. Nxc7 Rh6

    15. h3 d6 16. Nxe8 Bxh3 17. gxh3
    (17. g3 Qe4 18. Bf3

    (18. f3 Bxe3+ 19. Bxe3 Qxe3+ 20. Kh1 (20. Kh2 Bxf1#) (20. Rf2 Rg6 21. g4 Nxg4

    22. fxg4 Qg3+ 23. Rg2 (23. Kh1 Bf1 (23… Rh6 24. Qg1 Bg2#)) 23… Qxg2#) 20…

    Bxf1#) 18… Nxf3+) 17… Qxh3 18. Bh5 Rxh5 19. Qxh5


    1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5 3. dxe5 Ng4 4. Nf3 Bc5 5. e3 Nc6 6. Be2 Ngxe5 7. O-O Nxf3+ 8.

    Bxf3 Ne5 9. Be2 O-O 10. Nc3 Re8 11. a3 a5 12. Nd5 Ra6 13. Bd2 Qh4 14. Nxc7 Rh6

    15. h3 d6 16. e4 Bxh3 17. Bxh6 Qg3 18. Bf3 Ng4 19. Bf4 Bxf2+ 20. Kh1 (20. Rxf2

    Qxf2+ 21. Kh1 Bxg2+ 22. Bxg2 Qxf4 23. Qg1 (23. Qxg4 Qxg4 24. Nxe8 Qd7 25. Nxd6

    Qxd6) 23… Qh6+ 24. Qh2 Qxh2#) 20… Bxg2+ 21. Bxg2 Qh4+ 22. Bh3 Qxh3+ 23. Bh2

    Qxh2# 0-1

  21. I told my friend about “you gotta get out the sniper bishops” today and we giggled for minutes about it

  22. You're truly the BEST! Thank you! Would love for you to join in to my virtual reality chess club if you have time. We would be honored to have you as a guest!

  23. After d4, Nf6, c4, e5, dxe5, Ng4 – couldn't why move f3, thus removing the knight from g4? What happens in that situation -do we, as black take back on e5 and continue playing a normal game with a slightly better position? Thank you!

  24. I have rewatched this video so many times now cause I love this counter so much. One day I’ll master it and defeat my peers hahahah

  25. I keep coming back to this video, enjoying the lesson very much, but the ASMR is so strong with this vid. Very good job

  26. Can’t understand why 26:38 this a a nasty diagonal… yes the bishop is pinning the pawn in king’s line but what else ? The bishop is going down if he takes the pawn. Plz someone help

  27. Imagine, if you will: ASMR Chess plays the French Whisperer in Chess

  28. I’m glad I’ve found your channel. Since starting back at chess after playing very casually and infrequently for the past few years, I’ve been having these weird moments where I can see a chess board in my mind with a different position every time, and when playing games like fifa eith friends, I imagine the players as pieces, and when I realise this I snap out of it. It’s very distracting and quite strange, but kind of cool too I guess haha

  29. What chess board is that and where can I get it? It seems pretty nice

  30. With no music, ur voice seems to be so much more relaxing. Plus it encourages us to learn chess.

  31. I had great fun with this at first but if they develop quickly and are aggressive with their queen in the opening it feels like you have to put the entire game plan out the window because that rook lift is time consuming

  32. GREAT content, but whenever Black tries the Budapest on you and play knight to f6 in first move, just respond knight to f3 and your safe.

  33. How is 10:00 checkmate since the king just moves to the free square infront of the queen

  34. 8:53 why can’t you do the queen sacrifice but move the knight to g5 instead of sacrificing your bishop then going to g5 with the knight?

  35. What is when they attack my knight with the pawns

  36. Seeing and hearing are prerequisites for effective teaching…

  37. Are you just trying to be mysterious or something with that ridiculous voice?

  38. After 'completing' the defence, should I look to clean up the fourth rank or pin the rook?

  39. Is there ANYTHING in the world more of a waste of time than chess.

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