Learn the Budapest Gambit and Relax ♔ Chess Opening Tips & Tricks ♔ ASMR

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Take your opponent out of their comfort zone already on move 2 and push for a win with black in the Budapest Gambit.
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00:00 welcome
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02:34 introduction
04:17 The Budapest Main Variations
17:25 Example game


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  2. Best part of the week! I love when that notification shows up on my phone.

  3. Wow! Almost an hour of ASMR Chess? My birthday isn’t until June friend, thanks!

  4. Awesome awesome awesome!

  5. Just came to your channel to see if anything new was uploaded and it turns out there was, 3 minutes ago! Keep it up man

  6. Thanks for this content, thats what i want, learn tricks gambits and openings keep up

  7. Every week i can't wait unil you upload. Relaxing content which me a 800 rated player can also learn from.

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