Learn the Caro-Kann Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. Tried this out and won against a 1000 player for the first time

  2. there are 2 ways of playing it, imma give u every single way

  3. It's criminal how many adds are on your videos

  4. I went from 750 to 1100 using this opening

  5. Hey Levy can you make a video of the declined Tartakower please

  6. still helping people 3 years later – Thanks Levi! 🙂

  7. It seems easy and nice but I keep loosing when I do this defense

  8. Ha! Levy didn’t know that he gave us the Caro course for free

  9. The Pirc Defence, 10 minute video on that would be good.

  10. The missing 34 seconds of time is the true secret to understanding the Caro Kann

  11. I'm TORCHING my opponents using this opening as black.

  12. all caro kann advance variation videos only feature the white move bishop e2, but in nearly every game until now I encountered the move white bishop d3 attacking my bishop. how to respond here?

  13. Me after watching this video: What a great opening for Black! I'll play this in my next game and start crushing people!Opponent: Tries Scholar's Mate

  14. My first time trying this opening, i accidentally did it all King-side, which I now call the Caro-Kann Get Rekt variant.

  15. Coming back three years and Levy's comments aren't unhinged???? What I never knew this existed

  16. After watching the video and losing my first game quite horrifyingly, dead bishops and knights everywhere. It’s quite apparent that I Caro-Can’t play the Caro Kann

  17. Just won a game using the caro-kann thx

  18. Or crazy or confusing just to put the opponent out of tactics

  19. ok i know this is late but i immediately won a game after watching and playing the opening (is never too late to learn something right ?)

  20. I encountered a weird caro-kann variation I start he starts off with : e4, me: c6, him: Kb1c3, these are very common moves when playing caro-kann but then instead of pushing his pawns of developing a piece he played: Kc3e5, this shocked me because I didn't know what to do so I played: f6, then I didn't see the move: Qh5 so I replied with: g6, defending my king then all of a sudden this nasty move was played which was: Ke5xg6, from then on I resigned cause I was clearly losing, can someone tell what variation is this and how do I counter it?

  21. this video is so useful, heck i love your channel man

  22. I was a 400… because of you I’m a 1042 and gonna get higher…thank you!!!!

  23. Please cover Italian opening in 10 mins

  24. I like Gotham but he goes a bit too quick for me.

  25. Dude the game review always gives me a question mark and than right after an exclamation.. Is it broken?

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  27. 2:32
    how is it even considered a variation at this point its a totally different opening.

  28. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤❤

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