Learn the Caro-Kann Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. Can we make this comment the most liked comment on YouTube?

  2. They Should've Called The Anti-Fantasy Variation Real Life Variation…… Just Sayin

  3. i am 3minutes into the video and I see that you mirrored the board. I don’t know why you did this, but it is certainly something to adjust next time, it can be really confusing trying to recreate the game mirrored.

  4. nice video, but not enough theory if instead of "d4" they play nf3, and nc3. But overall very nice video quick, good, understandable unlike some other vides i watch

  5. Caro kann video:just pushBlackmar-Diemer gambit video:if he pushes, you take and you are happy


    -after two white pawns in center and standard Caro-Kann black structure, white can:

    A.) capture on d4, creating the "EXCHANGE VARIATION"

    -here after you recapture white can do one of 3 things:

    1.) Attack the center pawn with c4

    2.) Develop normally – here you also develop normally; knights before bishops and castle

    3.) Play early C4 – -here you should play more solidly with 36 straight away solidifying the center,

    putting the bishop on c7 and castling

    – after, fiancetto'ing the white bishop is also a good idea

    B.) Play a move that protects the center e pawn, in which you will recapture. Here white can:

    1.) Play the "BLACK MARDIMER GAMBIT"

    -! Every time the center pawn is left

    without a pawn defending it, you take it.

    – here white can play something called the 'black Mardimer gambit' with c3; against it you should

    push the pawn and give it to them, creating an ugly bishop and pawn position for them

    2.) Capture with the horse, creating the "PROTECT VARIATION"

    – in response to this you can play knight to F6 opposing the opponent's knight

    – here you can either capture with the e pawn (Tarticower, very solid, after bishop

    out and castle) or the g pawn (Bronshtein-Larson, the idea here is to gain the open

    g file and castle long way)

    – also you can play the main line which is the main line ! watch out for a bishop trap,

    hide the bishop behind the h pawn if white tries to trap

    3.) Not capture

    -here you simply develop your pieces, fiancetto, castle etc.

    C.) Play pf3, the "FANTASY VARIATION"

    -here black simply plays pe6 and developing

    D.) Advance with the e pawn, entering the "ANDVANCE VARIATION"

    – pawn to c5 is recommended, counterstriking against whites center structure

    – here white can do one of 2 things:

    1.) Attempt to keep the center intact by not capturing

    – here you play kc6 and before playing pawn e6 getting the bishop out to not

    block it in

    2.) Capture on c5

    – still you play kc6, try to recapture the c pawn with the bishop and develop

    ! watch out for the bishop, if white moves the H pawn respond with the h pawn

  7. Sorry if this is dumb, I’m beginner but did the caro khan not just transpose right away into a 4 horses?

  8. Dude, the bot moved Bb5 threatening my knight, now what?

  9. I can't be a grand Master in this life Time

  10. So, I'm doing a daily game (Low-ELO), where white responded to the position at 6:47 by moving queen a4. This wasn't covered here, and I am sweating. I've decided to keep developing with bishop C5 and take the tips from there, since the queen has no immediate moves. Anyone with tips?

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