Learn the Caro-Kann Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. Very nice video, I rewatch it every other day after I gain a bit of experience with it.

  2. 0:49 – The exchange variation
    2:15 – Exchange variation – Panov variation
    3:07 – knight to c3 protect variation
    4:59 – knight to d2 protect variation
    5:07 – f3 protect variation (fantasy variation)
    6:27 – advance variation1, c5
    6:52 – advance variation2, knight to c6 (main line variation)

  3. It was all good, but at one point in the 2 knights variation you said we should play nf6 or bf4, but bf4 is a slight mistake after ng3

  4. Levy, do you have any videos on how to play the anti caro kann?

  5. now I'm going to watch "how to crush the caro-kann". Then bang my head against the wall for five minutes and come up with a new plan

  6. 0:50 Exchange


    early e6, bishop b7, bishop moving twice trick

    No c4:

    Knights before bishops

    3:03 Protecting the Pawn

    With the knight:

    Take, Knight takes

    Knight f6

    Knight takes

    exf6: Tartakower. Double pawns are

    strong, bishop out, castle

    gxf6: Bronstein-Larsen. Open g

    file, fast queenside development,

    castle queenside

    Classical: bishop f5

    With f3 (Fantasy Variation)

    Bishop g7


    6:24 Advance Variation


    Protects: very natural development, take

    on d4, d4 becomes a weakness for


    Takes on c5: knight c6, trying to

    recapture the pawn with the knight

    Bishop f5 (main line)

    c5 and e6 ideas, careful to not get your

    bishop trapped

  7. @GothamChess which book do you recommend for learning the Caro Kann?

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  9. When I enter my channel name, your video appears.


  10. Stopped playing Caro-Kann because i got dirtied by some guys who played the advanced variation on me and i didn't know that line so i got squeezed really badly a few times and got tired. Now i feel like i'm ready to go back and rock this opening once more.

  11. I think these videos make more and are easier to understand than the ones in chess.com plus these are free 😂

  12. 0:46 Takes Pawn (Exchange Variation)
    2:16 Takes Pawn + C4 (Panov Variation)
    3:04 Knight to defend pawn (Protect Variation) (Use knight)

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  14. I had a very tough time trying to spell this opening right in the search bar

  15. Hi Levy, wanted to say thanks for the content – it's helped me push to 1300 ELO from about 1000 over the past few months! I wonder if you have any thoughts on the Hillbilly Attack (2.Bc4)? I'm seeing it a lot lately when I play the Caro, but it never seems to go well for white, so I'm confused about its recent surge in popularity and wondering if I'm missing something obvious?

  16. The Karaoke defense

    1: e4, c6 black starts singing
    2: white leaves the room and times out

  17. Levy I´m desperate and frustrated. How do I defeat those boring players that play more boring than Petrosian, and just sit there playing meticulously solid, not trying to seize an initiative at all, but only wait for me to make small mistakes and then try to punish me for it? Their style of play is totally uninspiring and don´t deserve to win. They´re not creative at all but just want me to overextend and make mistakes. How do I crush such types of players who do not at all have the inventiveness of Kasparov?

  18. Recently played an otb tournament and won all my games as black using the caro-kann thanks to your opening course

  19. Love these opening videos. Have to watch each one about 100 times and going to start taking notes . But great videos.

  20. Thank you levy for this video explaining the caro kann

  21. Can you explain as a black how should attack in sicilian najdorf?

  22. Awesome explanation..🤗🎶🎵🎶 Thank you..

  23. i see this video after getting my bishop trapped… yeah

  24. Idk why my brian mixed Caro Kann and King's Indian and I obliterated white (mostly cuz they got confused)

  25. You shouldn't have showed me that if you try e4 on me your in trouble

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  27. I can't believe how tv series makes you love this game

  28. Can you make a video about English opening as I face many problems with it or maybe how to play against king Indian defense

  29. Bro, I'm just 11 years old. Do I need to learn that to be a 1500?

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  31. Like the way u teach chess, can my five year old daughter be a chess player from Nigeria she really has interest in the game.

  32. Hey GothamChess, could you make Videos like this for idiots? Like "Or you could get pinned!!!" – what the f*ck is that supposed to mean? Im hardly a 1000 here, and i love your channel! 🙂

  33. Am I missing something? Why do you never show bishop to check the King?

  34. i got crushed by the caro kann as a beginner i didnt expect that coming

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