Learn the King’s Indian Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the King’s Indian in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. No disrespect to tea lovers, but coffee to me is just better in almost every way. quicker to make, stronger in flavor, more caffeine, and smells better. However, these are just opinions of mine. Tea isn't bad, it's just that coffee is better for me.

  2. This is my favorite openings when I'm using black

  3. Me forgeting move 2 after playing move 1

    Also tea and i drink like 40 glases of it

  4. Kings Indian is pretty awesome in 1000-1200 rating I've been winning. Much more games with it

  5. If they develop queens pawn, add Dutch defense for the VoC Gambit

  6. Dude I can’t find a decent opening with white that I like everything I try the opponents seem to play a move that’s not covered in videos I’ve seen I’ve tried the London, the Catalan, and the Fried Liver and nothing is working all I can do at this point is play the kings Indian as both white and black cause nothing else seems to work for me

  7. i like coffee more and maybe ones every 2 days

  8. Why does the knight go to C6 when it can be kicked out by the pawn?

  9. This opening got me through beginning chess. This is the most direct, simple, yet thorough run down of how to play it I’ve seen. Maybe someday I’ll graduate from beginning chess with it. Thanks Levy!

  10. when i was 11, before a chess competition, my uncle taught name set up as "2 nipples defense" for me to remember it better

  11. Coffee most of the time two cups, thanks for all the great videos. I just started getting into chess recently and watching a lot of your videos! 🙏🏻

  12. As an indian, the second I discovered that there's an opening called "the indian defence", I knew I had to learn it.

  13. Always coffee. Two cups.
    Thanks for the content. Appreciate it.

  14. I would prefer tea, and I drink less then 1 cup of it unfortunately

  15. I have a cup of tea at night, experimenting with flavours. So far I've come to like earl grey and english breakfast in terms of black tea, and chai, chamomile and peppermint in terms of green tea

  16. Argentinian mate my friend 2 vacuum bottles

  17. The background black colour for the text hides the board. Please solve this problem. Good video anyday.

  18. At 3:32 why doesn’t the pawn take the bishop instead of the queen?

  19. Pretty informative! Answering to your question, a cup of Tea a day 😊😊. That's all 😊😊

  20. good vid.
    you might wanna play some outdoor chess.. get some vitamin D on that skin. juskiddn

  21. ♟I love this defense! It's very flexible. Thanks Levi! ♟

  22. I found myself starting to do this without knowing it had a name, just started winning more often when I did. Nice to know the name.

  23. I always heard how powerful the kings Indian was and here I am realizing that I was playing it all along

  24. o m g. He's so calm and easy going. Imagine he posted a video like this today.

  25. Thank you so much! This video is helping me as I have been studying the King's Indian defense at my chess club. Love the content, keep it going. 😉

  26. I wasnt good at all i had 120 at one point and i increased to 250 now im learning openings you really helped me a lot i was thinking of quiting im still bad but atleast i win sometimes

  27. 4 large, strong cups of coffee. Heavy cream always, pat of butter in the morning with no breakfast.

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