Learn the London System | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the London System in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. At 6:49 black pawn to f5 defends and wins this game. At least, that's what I think. Please explain how white can win after that???

  2. Watching this man has raised me 250 points higher on rapid Chess. Less mistakes, better defense and aggressive attacks. Checkmating people faster. Managing clock better.

  3. Why sometimes my enemy nit react like that and play pawn attacking my center bishop

  4. 4:00 I don't get this variation?
    How come this is devastating for the black?
    In these exchanges, you are 2 pawns down and there is open file for opponent's pawn (2 of them) to promote to queen which is already supported by the black queen down there to help to do so? 🤔

  5. I live in South Africa. I am 12, and I liked this video it was hulp full

  6. 4:52 what if we want to place our bishop on d3 and the black pawn comes on c4
    please show a analysis video of this also levy and thanks , very helpful

  7. how do you use the London against the Scandinavian

  8. Nagpur , India just falling in love with chess and loved your content ,love from India

  9. Thanks for the lesson👍 i can finally beat Isabel Bot

  10. Maharashtra, India. Was always interested in chess, but started learning lately. Thanks for the openings lessons, learning a lot from you.

  11. Great video bro. Really appreciate it. So much info that I am watching it over and over trying to get it engraved into my brain. It is definitely helping. I used to just stare at the board in the beginning looking at all the possibilities. It was very overwhelming. Having a good opening to remember, helps so much.

  12. Also did you know they have you ranked as 2500 in the chess app. That's quite the compliment for you. Way to go bro

  13. Grevena, Greece. I like your videos. Thanks.

  14. Levy is superb thanks for this 10 minute whirlwind tutorial

  15. Hi, I am a 61 years old beginner, from La Paz, Bolivia. As you recomended I am learning the London system… I used to play the Ruy Lopez or the Italian (which I knew very superficially) and got crushed all the time, this opening makes more sense. Thanks.

  16. I just traded the bishop on g3 instead of f4 in the first game i tried i felt so fancy lol

  17. 69 yo guy with cancer taking up chess again since my teenage years! I have enjoyed watching your videos for the past several months over our Maine winter. I am a big read of chess books and magazines over the years. I enjoy your pacing often and your style. I am settled in on learning the London system. I am going to review videos here and if you have anything on chessable….do you recommend any good books or reading on the London? Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with older folks on limited income or illness that can keep us a home and inside more than most/ via Maine USA

  18. Quebec, Canada. I have played e4 openings for a very long time. Lately I've been turning to new openings to help get through the endless winter here! 🥶 Basically, I like the London system, because the pieces seem to have more freedom than usual for me. Also, the black bishop helps defend the kingside early, which has always been a little bit of concerned for me. Now, let's gain experience with this! Thanks!

  19. Just a recommendation. As a beginner, I really appreciate your videos. One thing though. Providing timestamps to videos like this where you explain numerous strageies to defend against certain attack would be great.

  20. Pakistan, i have a chess tornament tonight, and have rating under 600😅, more than openings, I'm getting familiar with tactics along the openings, im 20 😋😋

  21. how does the technique change when im playing black

  22. I don't know if I would long castle on the Queen side If I wasn't Irish and I figure I can just about swim back to Clair or Cork in a pinch But I like the London so far. I wonder what an apartment goes for there…. Okay, My humor is a little different. I dont' want to confuse you my Mary Riley and James Griffin got the hell out of southern Ireland and I grew up in western New York. But I wonder why if you came that far why you would stop in Western New York. Only reason they would like the cold is TB. My father said some cousin lived out on the porch cuz they liked the cold and the other cure for TB with kids was to keep them a little drunk for like a couple of years and they would 50 -50 chance kick it. I live in California. You asked where I was from I just threw in a little extra… lol Anyway, I like your show.

  23. Love your courses! Checking in from the U.S.!

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