Learn the Sicilian Scheveningen – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz teaches you lines in the Scheveningen of the Open Sicilian. See black’s advantage to having a modest little center. Prepare to strongly focus on the Keres Attack.

Umut Atakisi vs Loek van Wely, 37th Chess Olympiad (2006): B81 Sicilian, Scheveningen, Keres attack


  1. Is this the only opening named after a Shibboleth?

  2. I'll eventually get my King's Gambit, Scrantz!!!

    But thanks for the lectures, you're the best!

  3. I always play the English & Yugoslav attacks in open Sicilains. I'll play the Keres attack when I have the opportunity to now! Thanks for the upload

  4. Please upload a video covering The Closed Ruy Lopez including the Breyer,Zaitsev,Keres and the Ba6 line!! Thank You! Will be really nice if Yasser Does some lectures!

  5. Thanks for the video! Would appreciate if you could upload a video talking about Queen's Gambit accepted and its main variations.

  6. You should show the Colorado Gambit opening for black… as answer to 1.e4 – e4 Nc6, Nf3 f5.

  7. When will you guys make a Legends video on Paul Keres? pls do it soon, thank you.

  8. Have you done the Accelerated Dragon yet? If not, that is something I would really like to see! Dodging the Yugoslav but allowing the Maroczy Bind.

  9. Video on the QGD Petrosian variation would be nice as well.

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