Learn the Stonewall Defense & Attack | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. I try to always play this in tournaments this and the KID i've had the most wins and highest wins.

  2. what if black plays early Nc6 that prevents white from playing f4?

  3. This Video is Wonderful but just 1 issue with the Stone wall itself ! Lets say i castle queen side … … … The Devastating attack uhm yea … Gone 😅

  4. my favorite kind of smoothie is banana strawberry.

  5. Now make a video on how to destroy stone wall defense

  6. I got a game against a 1900 rated player today I’m going to attempt this attack

  7. I play low elo, there's 0 chance tehy let you make this they just take trade everything for no reason

  8. This is Doctor Gambit from Baltimore. Could you show different types of Gambit openings with there names? Please mention my name Gotham Chess. Thank you. You're the best.

  9. how if black start with e5? what next for white?

  10. my favourite smoothie is smooth criminal (Alien Ant Farm version)

  11. man your teaching is very good. Your a true GM

  12. So what do you do if he moves knight to e4 even after you defend it with the knight? Exchange knights and ditch the stonewall?

  13. What happens if at move 2 or 3, black plays bishop attacking whit's queen?

  14. The setup is somewhat similar to the London system though

  15. your video is very clear and direct.i find it very useful -a couple minutes on middle game would be fun 0thanks Earl

  16. instructions unclear; accidentally created the modern gay rights movement

  17. stonewall ratings climb please Gotham chess???

  18. Question: If we know we want to play the Stonewall setup for Black — against 1. d4 — does it matter if we play 1 … d5 or 1 … f5 ? … What's the difference ?

  19. Tbh me personally I’m more of a strawberry banana smoothie kinda guy

  20. I lost 6 matches in a row and youtube recommended me this on a bunch of different home pages. I think it's trying to help me

  21. “and i know this blocks in your bishop, but bear with me for a second”the lines ive heard 3108 times

  22. Isn't this like the London? Can you move one or two pieces incorrectly and it will still be the opening?

  23. I am 12 year kid and your subscriber like your games and your teaching I predict that one day you will be a GrandMaster

  24. Its very good untill the opponent decides to do queenside castle.

  25. Strawberry-banana, can't go wrong with a classic

  26. I like mango smoothies.

    Also thank you for the stonewall defense tutorial, it's helpful

  27. Thank you for teaching me the Stonewall defense. Appreciate the work you do. My fav smoothie is Vanilla what about yours ?

  28. Stonewall stuff: 1. Any move that prepares for e5 we put the pawn to defend
    2. C5 – C3
    3. IF number 1. Doesnt happen simply develop knights first then push the pawn.

  29. I have autism and when I was like 4 I was cleaning out adults who were trying. I stopped playing for at least 12 years basically all through school

    I resumed playing casually and was discouraged because I feel like I’m honestly worse than when I was a child. I came to the realization you just can’t get past a certain level by trial and error

    I am a Bobby Fischer guy I appreciate tactics and I was never the biggest fan of game theory.

    However at 1500 I feel it’s probably pivotal now that I implement them. I looked at a lot of different videos and you explain it in the best way for me to be able to retain. Good content.

  30. I dare to do Stonewall against Jimmy cause Jimmy’s reactions to this opening are f- stupid

  31. My personal repertoire(all taught by levi)
    white: english, stonewall, london, fried liver, danish gambit (rarely)
    black: dutch, traxler (when faced with fried liver), french

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