Learn the Stonewall Defense & Attack | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. Someone just played this against me(black) but because I moved 1.Nf6, when they moved 2.e3 and my response 2.d5, and their 3.Bd3, I simply pushed my knight to 3.Ne5. I backed it up with a bishop for protection later and the game was pretty even. I beat them in the endgame.

  2. Tried to play this with white just now.Completely forgot to go f4, and just moved Nf3 before it and ruined the entire plan😂Could never get the rook out and over.Still won, but never happy when it’s me who makes a mess of what I tried to play out.Yes, I’m low rated. In blitz anyways.

  3. thank you for looking like Daniel Radcliffe. You're awesome.

  4. Very helpful thanks, Another opening I need you to explain is the pirc defense

  5. My favourite smoothie is avocado !! Thanks for this helpful video 🙂

  6. do you recommend this as an opening for white beginner?

  7. BTW thanks for the videos, I did trap the 8-year-old with the 1 d4 e5 gambit he used some locker round talk to insult me.

  8. Thanks Gotham chess…like the Stonewall Defense & Attack.

  9. The only problem that I think in the stonewall attack is that your one of the bishop remains blocked.

  10. What if after D4 they do the englund gambit E5

  11. I think my girlfriend learned this one, it hurts a lot.

  12. 😅 To be honest, I really wasn't expecting to learn anything but i genuinely impressed with your teaching style I'm greatful for the information, I will most definitely share this video with others 😅

  13. How to proceed when Black's C5 does not take D4 but pushes down further to C4 to kick white's bishop?

  14. If white opens with king's pawn to e4 is it still possible to play stonewall defense?

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