Levenfish Attack: Sicilian Dragon Chess Opening

The Levenfish Attack is an aggressive line against the Sicilian Dragon and begins with the moves: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6. f4

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  1. Is this attack as effective against either the accelerated or hyper-accelerated dragon variations?

  2. I'm putting together a lichess study of this and current day stockfish actually dislikes Qd4 at ~11:00. It's still better for white, but the insane move Bf4 actually completely paralyzes black. After Qxc3 you tuck your King on f2 and your pieces cover all the possible checking squares. You still win at least an exchange by force, but you don't even have to rush! Incredibly cool position

  3. Yes! Another video! These make my day. Thank you so much for what you do!

  4. I prefer the kopec system against the Sicilian

  5. Please suggest how to open as black with the goal to checkmate the white king. Opening plus at least some middlegame plans are requested.

  6. I find it impressive that your channel still goes strong after more than 10 years. Keep it up!

  7. Can you please make a video on how to counter pawn to g3 bishop g2 horse advances to g4 and then mirror on the other side

  8. Nice video! As a former Dragon addict, I can attest to this variation being a tricky one. Nice to see lots of good chess education these days!

  9. I religously play dragon an I never knew this was attack against it. its scary lol

  10. Chess never dies. I came back and hit 1250. I was happy with that. Average isnt bad.

  11. OMG How many new methods are you going to teach to play against my favourite opening.

  12. Thank you kevin I really got a lot out of that video.
    I'm 63 years old and I play pretty much just for fun but I take my games serious. I wish I would have kept playing after I left high-school
    I fixed it. John…lmao sorry.

  13. I was just about to study this variation by myself and suddenly this video shows up basically covering the main opening ideas. Truly a great video, thank you!

  14. Problem is I can’t remember even the opening much less the lines.

  15. Keep it up Kevin. You are my first chess coach and it's been 5 years.

  16. Looks really nice! Thank you! Got into difficulties with the dragon taming, hope this will help? Also: does it work against 1.c4 reversed sicilian dragon guys? Thx

  17. After ♛ to a5 we can actually Castell because if he takes our ♗ then Knight ♘ to c7 is a family fork 🍴 and we also develop

  18. 0:15 And that's why i play D4 although i can't hide from the sicilian forever so here i am

  19. Exceedingly helpful. I will be practicing each variation, but I like the simple bishop to g7 ending

  20. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    this was uploaded a few months before the queen's gambit was released on netflix. nice. never knew this variation (well i almost never play e4 as white or d6 as black in sicilian soooo yeah)

  21. seems like dragon is a mediocre if this variation exists. Najdorf is better than dragon

  22. Anybody else here because of the Queen's Gambit?

  23. Cornelius Constantine Balthazar Fitzpatrick V Sr. says:

    Bayer Levenfish

  24. Fantastic analysis! It's top of the list when you search for the Levenfish on YouTube! Keep up the great work, Kevin!

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