Magnus Carlsen Explains Sicilian Defense Sveshnikov Variation with One of His Games

You can find the full video in chessable course here:


  1. The biggest thing I got from this video is the difference between someone who has a lot of coaching and teaching experience vs someone who is the world champion. Magnus here really struggles to dumb things down and explain the smaller things that more basic players and viewers need to see and hear (like John explains about why Qe8 is temporary and has its plans). Magnus can show you moves but not explain how the moves and ideas tie in together. Just because your a fantastic player, does not mean you can be a good coach/teacher!

  2. The sveshnikov is a sicilian that I use a lot, And although I don't know all of it, I was most of the games starting well in the opening when I had the chance to play it, now I'm sure this video will help me understand it better and learn more, thanks!

  3. Oh great we don't get to see the game it's just an ad for some course.

  4. Hey Magnus!! I've been corresponding with your father and trying to plan a trip to Norway to watch a tournament, such as the Scavanger tournament this year, … Are there ANY tournaments where you do a MEET AND GREET!!!!????

  5. Wait, you telling me Magnus Carlsen isn't born with 2800+ ELO rating?

  6. I wonder if they used a FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

  7. am auzit ca esti smecher la sah, hai pe sah online sa te vad 1v1

  8. I honestly feel like John is the perfect bridge between Magnus and lower rated players. The way he explained to Magnus what lower rated players think of Qe8 was right on the money and I think Magnus didn’t understand that at first.

  9. honestly what was the point of this video? you didn’t analyze a game you didn’t really analyze the position and you barely analyzed a single move. I don’t think anything of any substance at all was said except that the position is equal, its complicated and you won the game.

  10. If I get all chessable courses one by one like this, it would be awesome 😅

  11. It is the time no.1 in the entire chess world give you FREE CHESS LESSON

  12. Its a treat to hear the champ talk about his thought process. Thanks!

  13. Hey Magnus!

    Poker master Daniel Negreanu made a review video about you're poker play at his own channel:

    I think that it would be amazing if you two could do some videos together. Like first play some poker and then some chess.

    This would be a blast for all poker and chess fans and so on 😊

  14. oh man that ending made me think I had a bluescreen

  15. Its nice because Sveshnikov is not only good but it is also the easiest Sicilian theoretically. My coach picked this opening for me and I like it a lot.

  16. MAGNUS carlsen l'm subscribed to your channel and you' re subscribed to Mistar Biis l am yes!!!

  17. I greatly admire Carlsen and his game but have forgotten that no player can be bigger than the game. Too much arrogance. Luckily the new generation is already making him bite the dust.

  18. this is watchable if you speed it up to 1.75. magnus almost talks like a regular human being at that speed

  19. Boris Johnson guess now.hes guess now here bori

  20. Magnus is SO BAD at explaining anything. My ears hurt

  21. I feel like this is a cameo appearance from Magnus and John on a Star Trek episode.

  22. Why wouldn't you immediately attack the king and support your position.

  23. The lines ask for it. You see opposing lines and the math behind them.
    It would be better to think about it in a nonlinear way if the game isn't timed.

  24. It's good white had to run the opening theory up until knight B4 quickly, at this stage it's crucial for white and does promise an attack. Which is the best way to attack blacks position might be Kasparov queen side castle variation much risk for black I suggest.

  25. Magnus is just too intelligent to explain Chess to the lower rated players 😂 he’s the man though

  26. What do Danes and Swedes typically do in the Sveshnikov?

  27. there's no one better at explaining than Hikaru.

  28. Magnus has some problems in speaking. I often don't understand what he says because he has a weird intonation that is confusing.

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