Master Class | Alekhine Defense | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

15:20 Analysis
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  1. “Im gonna play the four pawns attack, even though I don’t know it too well.” 15 moves later “yea f6 is the main line, let’s see if he finds it.”

  2. Love the content Danya. Here’s an idea for a new speed run for a bit of fun; win in under 20/30/40 moves and if not you resign, see if you could make 2000+

  3. Finally! Happy you brought this series back

  4. Hey Naro, this is the best content we love.. keep it up!! every couple days pls.. I'd advise at least an hour's worth..

  5. hope you willmake more videos ‘bout indian game

  6. this is cool and all, but what if ur opponent plays random moves after Nf6? (im 800)

  7. Every speedrun video Danya uploads boosts my elo like 50 pts, no kidding

  8. That is so fascinating to watch how your opponent does ONE not ideal move and you perfectly exploit that inaccuracy.

  9. What about the Brooklyn defense there? 1. e4 nf6 2. e5 ng8 and black just claims white is overextended.

  10. "Playing a cheater" might not work, "CAN DANIEL BEAT THIS CHEATER?" will work for the 6-12 year olds.

  11. I watch every single one of these but just the game not the after game analysis. I feel guilty though because it might be bad for the algorithm with viewer retention etc, that’s why i try to leave a comment to make up for it because these videos have taught me more about chess than just about anything else, im just too lazy to watch the analysis as well, forgive me

  12. Hell yeah, now these are the videos I come for

  13. I don’t know if anyone else had this “audio issue,” but I feel like Daniel’s sound setup leans more towards the right side than the left side (headphone wise).

    My other videos are the same equal output in sound when I troubleshooted.

  14. Danya has endless content because we all will continue watching these speed runs as long as he is willing to make them

  15. Random point regarding the cheater videos being interesting – you're still holding your own and able to often recognize what moves are coming (often recognizing them AFTER your move, which I think makes you a bit more human, as that's exactly what happens to most of us in blitz/bullet games more than you), and it shows your full understanding of the game. The cheater videos are not especially good content in terms of teaching/learning, but it's fun/interesting to me because you're able to recognize the issue and then potentially calculate the time you need to survive in the face of relative perfection given a 4-5 second move minimum, as well as your capability of dealing with the situation in a logical, calm fashion. That being said, I much prefer the normal videos if I'm not entirely watching with my popcorn for entertainment.

  16. Thank u so much Daniel Ive been playing the 4 pawns attack against an fm and he keeps beating me with his Alekhine And criticizing me for playing it! NOW I have my move order correct in all variations! Thank u again for this fantastic instructive video!!

  17. Really appreciate everything you do. Excellent content and exceptional knowledge. Make complicated tactics easy to comprehend.

  18. This is the best series. Please do more of these, even if you start again. High quality commentary 🥰🥰

  19. danya, I have question.
    Is there any speedrun that uses najdorf frequently?
    In the blitz speedrun, that I saw, you usually go through dragon variation.

  20. Funny after a few moves in, Daniel says "he's lost" and the game unfolds to conclude… that another one bites the dust. I imagine my oponents thinking thinking same of me, yet I am scrabling around thinking it was even close 🤣

  21. How is Daniel not getting more subs like other chess streamers? This is one of the most GM instructional chess channels out there

  22. He’s currently playing this exact variation from the black side against Ray Robson at the US championship

  23. "who's the first guy to realize to put the rook on the open file?"
    "well everybody realized it"
    haha i found that pretty funny.. anyway thanks for the great videos danya

  24. Daniel: What's the best move here?
    Me: Gets it right again
    Also me: Why am I losing games….

  25. I like how you explained every move. Better than the popular ones.

  26. Any reason the delay? Might be missing some news

  27. Looks like you got into this line today at the Us chess championship

  28. Now this makes more sense after US championship

  29. Danya just played Alekhine’s Defense yesterday in the US Championship! Unfortunately it didn’t work out well for him, but he bounced back with a nice win in round 2

  30. God he's good, this is the best class I've take

  31. I know this is a bit of a platitude to say this, but he really does make it look easy.

  32. It's really really interesting and I'm learning a lot with these. Thank you!

  33. Recupering some vids, about the cheaters video… people don't like the drama in that case, people like to see cheaters gets crushed. And it's not easy for normal players to crush them :/

  34. robson also played f4 against danya, interesting

  35. 8:05 – I recall John Bartholomew mentioning a piece of YouTube wisdom he got from Chessexplained, that "Videos where you play against cheaters always do well."

  36. Nice discussion at the end on finding opponent threats. Difficult to do and often missed. Great video, thanks.

  37. Qc1 is a move when you play you see the bigger picture

  38. I was 1700 on lichess, didn't know how to respond to E4 so i started playing the alekhine now um 2054… people don't know theory and uou win easily

  39. Instead of queen f7 in the messy Alekhine line bishop F4+ is just utterly crushing in the position on board xd

  40. Man I needed this I have this one strong friend who plays the alekhine like a master

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