Master Class | Alekhine Defense | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

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  1. Hypermodern Openings that used to be laughed at FTW!!

  2. When do these streams happen so I can catch the next Speedrun live?

  3. Queen takes knight was in fact the best move according to the engine.

  4. I feel bad for white, I think compared to all others so far he played really well, just that vs Dan he eventually ran out of good moves. Feelsbadman.

  5. This opening looks amazing, thanks for this video, i definitely will try this!

  6. At 4:08 what if he plays Bxe7? If Nxe7 Qxd8 and the king is out if Qxe7 Bxd5 and the pawn hangs?

  7. i learn more from one of these videos than i have from hours of Ben Fingold 😑

  8. I’m wondering if you could do a tutorial on some methods of actually attacking with pieces. I also agreed with your sentiment on pawn storms but I personally struggle to actually “attack” with my pieces effectively so it would be helpful if you could go over this.

  9. At 8:30 would Bxa2 work, Rxc6 Rxd2 and after the Queen takes back you pick up the rook with Queen b5 check?

  10. Danya thank you so much for giving gold standard content for free every (other) day. As a 1600-ish player I am learning so much about middle game strategizing from your wonderfully clear explanations.

  11. I appreciate Danya for teaching us all these amazing tactics and fundamentals 💙

  12. The biggest mistake was to not abort match when he seen OhMyLands

  13. I am usually not interested into long 20-40min videos, but I enjoy everyone of your speedrun videos.

  14. Will be see a Scandinavian defense in the future?

  15. Im starting to enjoy the Alekhine and it would be cool of you to play this opening more because it has potential to become famous again

  16. This guy is a big proponent of not blocking in your bishops. Good advice.

  17. Clearly Danya has not seen any pool noodle hacks to realise how useful they are! Also, another great video young sir, keep it up 🙂

  18. 11:05 For the sake of being educational, shouldn't you stick with the most forcing moves and give check on h1, and only then f3?

  19. The French is a meme by now lol true that.. we're talking about the country, right?…What?

  20. Why couldn’t Daniel teach me high school mathematics??

  21. A wise man once said, "Don't break a fence down with a pool noodle."

  22. Yeaaaaaahh baby! Loving the Alekhine’s defence content.

  23. "make things go boom" this is the chess content I came for

  24. I urge viewers to subscribe..always pure content

  25. Nooooooo I want the Alekhine to be unknown and disrespected then I can get a good laugh from beating others with it :(((((((((

  26. Pawn storms should be played with a tempo.

  27. I Usually got panic when opponent try to pawn storm aggressively to my castled King.

  28. The other day I played the Alekhine by accident (was mad about a losing streak and playing too fast) and got whooped. Now that I understand it a little better I might try it again on purpose this time

  29. He who has never blundered may cast the first stone

  30. I identify with the pawn storms are overrated I play 150 attack and stonewall as white and in these openings it seems the greek gift and the hxg6, Qh6+ are faster than my opps pawn storms, at least when I manage to win the game

  31. Almost 90% of the time when I play 1. Nf6, white responds with Nc3. :/

  32. When opponents attack: "He's taking a pool noodle to a fence"
    When Daniel attacks: "I'm going to blow apart this position with a sledgehammer of a move"

  33. Underrated opening. GM Lev Alburt played it exclusively and he was 2500+ if not 2600.

  34. This is my go to defense as black for some reason at 1100

  35. The Alekhine has a really bad rep thanks to Hikaru specifically I think 😅

  36. Stockfish actually has taking the knight better than taking the rook…. You are a beast 💪🏻

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