Master Class | Caro-Kann Defense | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

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  1. Feels bad the rare time we get to see caro-kann, his opponent starts playing random stuff after just two moves :/

    I was looking forward to seeing white take twice and how Danya approaches the development after i.e. Qxd5 Nc3 Qa5

  2. Daniel : plays caro kann
    happy levy noises

  3. Every speedrun video after the first 5 moves "aaaaannnd that is a mistake, the game is pretty much over for white now"

  4. Daniel I love your speedruns, they help a lot with openings and middle games, but I feel like we don’t get enough training on endgames. Could you make some videos on endgame principals and tricks?

  5. letting your clock run out for 5 minutes instead of resigning is such a loser move

  6. Please play another Caro game. This game ended pretty abruptly and I’d like to see how you navigate more in the middle and possibly the end game

  7. Hey, I would love to see more Queens gambits, declined and accepted, exchanged as I live to study these videos you make and take notes. They are really helpful and thank you for making them

  8. Odd request, But can you use Blue Board Senpai🙏🙏🙏

  9. day 20 of saying this is the greatest and you're the best danya. thank you for the quality content and your stream is also so worth watching! ty ty

  10. Just want to thank Daniel for the best chess classes on YouTube by far.

  11. Danyas videos are just part of my bedtime routine this point

  12. I swear your content is the finest chess content I have seen alongside some of the St Louis Chess vids on youtube. Most of the popular chess youtubers arent showing us – relatively unknown but instructive classics. Or explaining us in good detail like U do.
    On a side note- whenever u do a opening related video at the end could you also add a classic related to the opening.
    Like if it were another caro kann game u would show us a caro cann classic game which people arent aware of

  13. If Alpha Zero ever had a voice of its own to explain moves and ideas I hope it’s Danya’s

  14. Any random frame of danya from a video is better than the pic of him on literally any thumbnail he uses

  15. You’re the best chess teacher on YouTube, all your speed run videos teach me something new

  16. I Love this video series! #1 best chess content I've seen on YouTube.

  17. Daniel:let's play one more game…
    Check video duration 30 minutes video
    Me: pheww 😌

  18. I feel like adding a move counter in the overlay or something might help people ask questions about a position more concisely.

  19. Quick question around 8:46 why was he not happy to trade the knight for the dark square bishop when he was happy to do so a few turns prior? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  20. I need my daily dose of Danya like right freaking now

  21. Speaks like an old professor and he is not even 25… lol but quite sad also.

  22. Thank you for that distinction between static and dynamic! I myself had them confused to be the same! But what a difference between them indeed. Dynamic, usually temporary and can be good, (due to piece activity). Static is more difficult with long term weaknesses/abnormalities, not necessarily but can be bad instead — just neither being solid, usually.

  23. remember when he said he's only ever doing one chess speed run during his first speed run? i guess the views made him change his mind

  24. Dainel, you are an intelligent man – simply research why (& how) optimizing sleep is essential.
    Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher both bragged about only getting 5 hours of sleep a night. They both got Alzheimer. See what Adriana Huffington of the Huffington Post says of her experience.

  25. Great video. Concise explanations. I'm trying to learn the Caro-kann and this gave me some great ideas. Thank you.

  26. Daniel, my chess game (such as it is) has improved from watching your videos. I've learned to think better about how to play. My play has improved but I don't know exactly how or why. You impart a point of view that's helped me understand the game better. Most importantly, for me, I'm enjoying Chess more. Thanks.

  27. Really sad the opponent just let the clock run out like that because he was going to lose a piece.

  28. Danya absolutely love your stuff, whatever happened at 2:14 i almost choked lmao

  29. I'm currently learning the CK and Danya has made it that bit more easier! Thank you sensei!

  30. You’re a great teacher .thank you for your contents

  31. you should really put the ELO in the name so that it will be searchable

  32. This dude is incredibly eloquent, but definitely not the sharpest tool for getting the 💉

  33. I don’t understand why this is bad for white. White’s next move could be Bxf5, black takes back with Bxf5 or Rxf5. White can defend its hanging knight with a pawn push a4. How is this so bad for white?

  34. FYI: Every couple of months I find out that YOUTUBE has unsubscribed me?

  35. It’s a moo point cause it’s cow’s opinion

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