Master Class | Caro-Kann Defense | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

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  1. 12:39 after trading the bishop for your knight white can play a4 and save the knight, they don't have to take the e pawn

  2. after Knight h6 and h3 the Knight is akward and if bishop g6 g4 and white has a really good position. from my experience in very similar positions knight e7 is usually the way because if a3 g4 is tried you have h5. also by putting pressure on the d4 pawn it makes it impossible to hunt the lightsquare bishop with Nh4 which might be concerning to poeple unfamiliar with this positiontype, but this idea is usually not good anyway as if the knight recaptures on f5 the pressure on d4 will usually be too much, meaning that after Nh4 in a case where there would currently be 2 defenders and 2 attackers on the d4 pawn after the knight left, its often not even possible to capture the bishop on f5 as the d4 pawn could simply not be defended one more time (e.g. the 2 defenders are whites queen and darksquare bishop and the 2 attackers are queen on b6 and knight on c6)

  3. I would have thought playing f6 has the drawback of creating a backwarws e6 pawn, which so far has stop me from playing it

  4. As someone who's got a parent who's very unwell, you're doing more than providing educational content. It's also a brief distraction from the constant feeling of stress. So, thank you.

  5. Levy Rozman twitched somewhere when he heard caro kann.

  6. Daniel you’re such a beauty. I love levy for entertainment but I’ve always been a slow learner and you’re style of teaching is a little easier for me to follow. Im new to your channel and love everything. You’re a great creator, thank u

  7. Someone should make a playlist on all the caro-kann speedrun by gm naroditsky

  8. I thought those who pout when losing would go away after about 1200???

  9. "I don't wanna be a zombie"

    Understandable have a great day

  10. Nice Game . Might try this opening . Thanks

  11. Legit gone up like 250 rating points since watching these

  12. When can I join in on the next live lesson?

  13. 14:00 glad I'm not the only one who thought of the Friends reference. It's a cow's opinion.. it's moo!

  14. 17:54 could somebody please explain to me what is this pornhub variation?

  15. What a prick to just let the time run out like that!!!

    I hate when that happens to me. Why don't people just resign or play until defeat.

  16. Great as always! Could you play a game in the king's gambit in the speedrun? Thanks!

  17. Daniel I love your videos – it is SO helpful to hear your thought process throughout the match. I've climbed ~100 rating points in the past few days, and I've even beaten my new record opponent (1600) as a 1000 rated blitz player. You're really helping me learn.

  18. id totally take a winning lottery ticket for a paper cut

  19. I've been waiting for the accelerated panov. Today is the day!

  20. DN gives the most well pitched and clearest explanations on YouTube. The guy seems a natural teacher, might be missing his calling as a history prof, but history's loss is our gain.

  21. why are these games for these episodes always the last games of the day?

  22. Whenever GM Danya starts to make an analogy I start laughing – can’t help myself 😂
    Good thing his chess skills are better than his literary skills.
    Imho as a beginner his videos are the most instructive I’ve seen. 🙏

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