Master Class | Crushing The Modern Defense | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

9:30 Analysis

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  1. The most annoying defense. Thanks for the video!

  2. "Let's play positionally"
    Proceeds to attack opponent

    Can't really hide his nature.

  3. Enjoyed the explanation about how the b & d pawns early can be sketchy 13:48 among some other cool things.🙏

  4. May I inquire. Why do chess players always refer to a lost Rook as "full" but hardly ever refer to a lost bishop as a full bishop or a pawn as a full pawn. Bearing is mind that in chess, you can't lose half a rook 😛

  5. Best. Series. Ever. Please may it never end.

  6. Danya saying "let me calculate" must be the second most scary chess experience, right after Hikaru looking at the ceiling.

  7. The 9 dislikes on this video are fighting it out in the gulag

  8. Danya next episode be like 2181,5 masterclass

  9. "Lets play positionally" then proceeds to destroy the opponent with harcore tactics. =D

  10. Daniel, please keep going with this series until 2500. Guys please like this comment so that he plays even stronger opponents if you agree.

  11. When I blunder the rook its a loss, when Danya blunders the rook he has a billion pawns and its a forced win lol.

  12. Pieces? Developed.
    Lines? Calculated.
    Bishops? Biting on Granite
    King? Made Luft
    Queen? We find a good square where it's not vulnerable to attack
    Knights? On the way from Frankfurt Airport

  13. I would totally marry Daniel (not a joke)

  14. Dan, would you please play a few London system games with white during your next Speedrun series or against subs? You're fantastic and instructional, much appreciated!!

  15. I know this is unrelated but I wanted to share this with you as I think you would appreciate the concept. It’s a cooking video about a book that that talks about small improvements in many areas can often lead to large gains when put together. It sounds like something you might be interested. Congrats on beating Caruana!

  16. Can someone explain why the pawn at E6 did not take queen at D5 ? @4:45

  17. Thanks, I have literally learnt a lot from you sir🙏

  18. One of the most clean games I have seen on speedruns. Smooth

  19. Fantastic series. I can say we're blessed to have that on yt

  20. 17:13
    danya: “taking the knight would be something you could look at”
    me: yeah i looked at that
    danya: “and thats obviously dumb”
    me: ):

  21. Is he cheating? He’s looking down during the game them at 11:45 he admits verifies something else with the engine.

  22. Just casually offers 2 bishops and a rook like they're basic fundamental moves.

  23. I think you Daniel are the most ”principled” grandmaster out there, it makes it very easy to understand high level chess. I am now using your videos to hopefully go from 1850 – 2000 as quickly as possible. Thanks for being the best 🙂

  24. It sounds so easy when Daniel blunders and opponent resigns

  25. At 17:09 wouldn't giving a check with Qf7 allow you to trade queens with Bxc7 and also take away castling rights?

  26. Danya's teaching makes me feel like I could beat a 2100 although I'm no where close to that.

  27. Even as a 663 I’m running into people playing the Modern. They don’t really understand at all how to play it though, as normal development always throws them off.

  28. at 23:18 I was thinking about Qf7+ Na3 to win the Queen whilst threatening checkmate

  29. Bro this game was too difficult for me 😂 not that I couldn't follow the moves with his explanation.. but that I would be too scared to go into these risky lines like him cause I'd definitely mess up

  30. Love the videos but the constant banging is so distracting

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