Master Class | Crushing The Modern Defense | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

9:30 Analysis

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  1. I need this to crush the Hungarian opening

  2. I can't watch these videos fast enough. Thank you Danya!!!

  3. Noooo the speedrun is almost done, it's been quite a journey and I've surely learned a lot. Cant wait for the next edition.

  4. I hope you some how continue doing speed runs. It is both amusing and educating.

  5. The way you break everything down makes every move seem like a no brainier. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to play like that

  6. Damn this dude premoved move 2 and then lost in like 2 minutes. The tilt is real.

  7. Please continue with some endgame lessons Danya…😣

  8. It's actually kinda nuts how he casually crushes 2100s while spending the vast majority of his clock teaching us how to play.

  9. Finally hit 2000 rapid on lichess. I was at 700 last year December so shoutout to Danya.

  10. I watch every speedrun video. I hope he gets right next to the next speedrun series 🙁

  11. the black queen was so far in the enemy territory, that she was completely unaware and powerless to prevent the black king from being trampled by the white knight and queen. chess is brutal

  12. Black queen seemed intimidating but you made it look like a sleeping rook

  13. Some player works and works to get to 2000 only for Danya to crush him without breaking a sweat. This is art!

  14. That Queen triangulation shown by the computer at the end to force mate after Ke8 is beautiful.

  15. Finished watching and went to play just to get the exact same position in that g6 f6 match. Opponent resigned after Qd6 Nxe4 Nc7+.

  16. Master class chess lesson while playing….

  17. We all knew this would be an exciting game! A hyper modern opening where instead of occupying the center with pieces, they attack from a distance. But it is inevitably stopped by making the opponents bishop bite on granite!

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