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  1. Been watching all sorts of chess channels for the last few months, this series though is something else! Thank you so much Danya! Keep em comin’ 🙂

  2. This is such a great series. I'm learning A LOT watching them and they're pretty enjoyable too. Thanks Daniel.

  3. Although this series is now way above my pay grade chess-wise GM Danya’s clear explanations and commentary still make it worthwhile 🙏

  4. I've never seen anything like this before. Brilliant teacher!!!

  5. When Danya is talking, chess seems easy…👌👌👌

  6. at the 1:39 mark, why not go a3 (before going Bd3) ? this would inhibit black from going Bb4, thus relieving the pressure on the knight, and keeping the pawn on e4 defended

  7. I like how you're starting to use the different colors that they offer for highlighting. I do believe that they use red and green to highlight move squares, and then the blue is to highlight the pieces. however you can obviously use the colors however you want.

  8. I've been binge playing nimso-larsen and owens lately, the timing on these videos is insane. Daniel really is a prophet.

  9. Hey Daniel, I’ve been watching your videos for a few weeks now and they have been some of the only games by GM’s that actually makes sense to me. You’re able to portray a lot of great tactics in very simple ways for normal folks like me. Just wanted to say I appreciate your videos and your Chess. Thanks!

  10. Judit Polgar is a perfect example of a player who transforms an attack into material advantage.

  11. Hoping for a only black speedrun with many gambits in it.
    Thanks for all the lessons sensei

  12. "When Danya speaks, you listen"

    – Sun Tzu

  13. How do I support your channel? Any Patreon membership?

  14. I'm a bit scared, after just a dozen of these lessons I reached 90% accuracy on 1 of approx. 10 online games. I keep my rating stable in the neighborhood of 1100-1200, sort of sacrificed it to get more risk and fun in a game, and kind of developed chess online addiction. It takes a lot of time that could probably be better spent doing other activities.

  15. So many stories about people being upset about losing because they are competitive. It is great to hear a story about a player who blunders a piece and then later showing a great sense of humor on the last move in a lost game.

  16. i really liked the defensive rook maneuver at the end. i’ve never seems. tactic like that before!

  17. It was me that asked why engines hadn’t made books obsolete. Disproportionately proud to have contributed to this video!

  18. I'm totally impressed by Daniel's games

  19. Great content. Can you show Daniel how to play against around 1700 Pirc defense player.

  20. It's not an extra rule that a pinned piece still defends another friendly piece (from the enemy king.) There's just one relevant rule here: you're not allowed to hang your king in one move. The rook is pinned because moving it away would hang the white king; the queen can't be taken in that checkmate because it would hang the black king.

  21. When he took your rook you should have taken his king XD

  22. Danya you're most definitely the best teacher

  23. Don't mean to nit-pick.. but I think Napoleon notoriously led his troops on the frontline. One of the reasons he was so popular amongst the troops apparently. Your content is always great though lol and I get the analogy

  24. Every time an opponent plays well people always ask if he’s cheating…

  25. It’s just a nimzo larsen with black

  26. The flashback boards to games with similar ideas is a little reminiscent of those scenes in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

  27. what book were you reading for this opening?

  28. I discover something interesthing. Whenever danya play against any opening. I do study the enemys opening theory, like in this game "owen" now i really know where is the mistake 😂 so we learn two opening in one video

  29. I mean, it makes sense that a pinned piece still defends other pieces from the opponent's king. if you could actually play to capture the king, as soon as your opponent's king captures your piece, the defender would capture the king. it doesn't matter if your king could be captured the move after; you got your opponent's king first

  30. Anyone else wondering about Nxe5, giving back a piece and defending f7? Surely better than the pointless Qxe3+ Danya's opawnent played

  31. 26:32 funny thing is Napoleon would often make it a point to lead the charge when going into battle 😂

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