Master Class | Punishing Passive Defense | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

13:40 Analysis
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  1. This is my favourite yet – I come across so many people who play like this! Too often, I get a really good position and then find I can't break through they end up winning on time. The last game I had like this, I got fully developed with rooks with a clear line of sight on d1 and e1 and I played d5 and he succeeded in closing the position. After I put the game into the analysis engine, Stockfish just laughed and sacked a knight immediately to open it up 😂

  2. This was the most " grandmaster " exploitation of passive defense I've ever seen. Impressive!

  3. 3:33 I'm so disappointed. You had a chance to say "Remember, you have one shot, one opportunity..", and you didn't say it.

  4. its really funny seeing people criticize black's play while a lot would lose to him… remember he was playing a gm ranked in the top 200 so he makes it look easy

  5. Why is he play for time in rapid? Isnt blitz better for that?

  6. Love the surgical explanation of breaking down a negative, annoying, defensive player, so calm,diliberate simple but lethal.


    "I don't give a" what?

    Also is that an automatic censorship or Daniel removed it himself caring about watching children.

    btw, greatly appreciate what Danya is doing,
    best chess content for beginners and amateurs, I suppose

  8. I hate when 1700s play these shitty setups like this

  9. Love your streamings and how you explain, great content. Are your streams live also on YouTube?

  10. Awesome display of 'simple' chess. Loved the lab-mate analogy 🙂

  11. 'Our king can take his clothes off and chill on the balcony of his castle.'
    -GM Danya

  12. It must be so annoying for Daniel's opponents because he takes a long time to play each move ( cause he is explaining ) so the opponent probably thinks he might win on time but each move daniel plays just puts the guy into a worse position

  13. Love the photo of Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Good chess, too.

  14. The opportunity train is going to stop at the station and then pass on forward

  15. So very instructive! I like how you can make a 'story' out of each game and how you can 'steer' the content of a game in a certain way. Not easy to do for lower rated (class) players, but beautifully explained. Particularly about being patient and not worry too much about material, like him taking the queenside pawns in the end. Many thanks.

  16. day 29 of saying this is my favorite content and you're the best danya. You improved my game dramatically, and your stream is tight. you're an amazing player

  17. Why do people play so passively? Isn't it well-known that this is bad?

  18. This 1700 can play a strong opening or a garbage opening. The end result ain’t gonna change lol. But playing a dumbass opening shows no respect and shows everyone this 1700 is a Loser. 😡

  19. I wonder if anyone reading this has an idea of about how long ago he filmed these? Or perhaps a better question might be, "what ELO is he up to live on Twitch these days?"

  20. Thank you for being such a great teacher.

  21. Danya’s analogies crack me up 😂

    “It’s like when your lab partner doesn’t do anything to help but then takes all the glory. Except here I guess that would be a good thing.”

  22. Love the series Daniel. But you're spending much too much time on the initial moves and far too little time on the mid game.

  23. “This I don’t give a ___ about…” 😂😂😂😂

  24. It is by far the best educational chess channel.Thanks Daniel!

  25. Hypermodern openings are playable but there’s a risk of just having a bad position

  26. 8:23 wouldn't that be a deflection tactic instead of undermining?

  27. What chess server is this, because your opponents consistently seem rated about 300 points too high. I expect someone at this ELO range and time control to know openings and not hang pieces before the middle game gets started. Honestly these feel like classes for players rated around 1300.

  28. Blue chess board might suit the blue pane on the left better

  29. Surgical precision and he makes it look so easy .. I would have never found Be3,Nd2.

  30. I think the only way these types of players win games is by goading their opponents into premature attackulation. this style of "opening" is so irritating that a lot of people like me feel like we have to punish it as soon as we can otherwise they will solidify and get away with it

  31. Came to this after missing mate in 3, then mate in 5 in the same game (where it ended up a draw via timeout vs. insufficient material bc I didn't manage my time)

  32. Hi Daniel, great video series! But what about playing g4 with black instead of playing d5 (18:30), followed by then taking on e5? (seemingly white just looses a pawn …)

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