Master Class | Punishing Passive Defense | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

13:40 Analysis
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  1. People in 900 playing deep main line ruy lopez that youll just lose on move 15 if not played correct mean while in 1700…

  2. 17:25 What if after Re1 on the next move, Black himself plays …e5? Wouldn't he force a better structure for himself?

  3. I literally hate these kinds of opponents. Their passive setups are automatic so they spend 0 time the first half of the game so I end up trying to figure out how to break through when I'm +1.5 just making normal moves but also down like 2 minutes to 14… literally the worst

  4. ı think about the move xdanya: x is a good move, but…

  5. Блин, нафига причмокивать… интересное видео, но почему все блогеры в какой_то момент начинают чмокать слюнями? Типа признак популярности блога?

  6. Danya metaphors are the best. The lab partner who did none of the work but gets the credit one got me so good.

  7. Always a delight to watch these with some lunch. Keep up the entertaining and educational content!

  8. In light of the title, I thought of a great nickname for Danya! "Daniel Naroditsky, the prophetic punisher." Got a nice ring to it! And he is a prophet who punishes people in chess games!

  9. Your videos are amazing, they open my eyes. Gold.

  10. Upload timing is on point as always. It comes in right as im winding down for the night so i can relax and watch

  11. the goat!! please if you ever get the Rogazin can you do cxd5 exd4 bg5 🙂

  12. I will never understand this kind of play by black…He must hate chess.

  13. I really love playing chess but I dont think ill be able to improve anymore

  14. Thanks coach Daniel! Awesome video as always.

  15. Hey how come I don't see these speedruns on twitch?
    Are they all pre recorded now?

  16. It's funny how he always praises and hypes up his bad opponents for playing "extremely well", but when he runs into an actually good player…crickets…silence…serious face.

    Love the series and I think he is the best chess coach out there but overly complimenting his opponents who are playing poorly is kind of empty.

  17. Dude got to 1700 playing like this, imagine if they actually spent like 5 minutes on some opening practice

  18. Damn, girl! Thank you for the awesome videos, Ms Harris

  19. I have a feeling this guy wins most of his games by creating a strong defense, then flagging his opponent.

  20. Nice video. It's not about creating content, it's about a complete masterclass! What else can I say? it's damm good!

  21. I would have been so frightened of g4 and b4 several times and prob mistakenly went h3 or a3

  22. Great content about when to prepare the position more and when to go for the win.

  23. Wonderful! It’s easy to see black’s position is unpleasant, but difficult to see a clear way of cracking it.

  24. I like how he uses references while he talks, you can only get it if you are into it

  25. The opportunity train is gonna stop at the station and pass on forward! No one wants that

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