Master Class | Ruy Lopez | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

13:30 Analysis
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  1. BTW this game was played on 6 august this year. As of today Daniel is 2205 rating on his speed run account.

  2. He’s got Swiss cheese light squares over here… Danya the way you talk about chess is fuckin awesome and I love it

  3. Hello Daniel, I want to express my gratitude and say Thanks for making these videos. They have really changed the way I play chess and helped me as a person. Best wishes to your future games.

  4. Where are 1950-1990?
    Reeaaallly love this series…

  5. Im so glad you played the Marshall! I have a chessable repertoire for e4 e5 thats based around the marshal i love getting to watch games of it to help me understand ideas

  6. It's so entertaining how he casually crushes 2000s as Black in only a few moves

  7. This feels like a repost. Or maybe I saw this one live…

  8. I have been watching chess on YouTube for a long time. I watch mostly for entertainment as I don't really have the time to put in the game to learn theory and practice very often. So educational chess videos are not really the type I go for. But Danny here started his incredible speed run series and I have never missed a single one. Love you and hope to see you become one of the biggest names on chess YouTube scene.

  9. 2000 players – 14 moves on theory, huge blunder of move 15

  10. why couldn’t white take the bishop with his queen after the rook was taken?

  11. Where can i find the rest of the Games Played between two Episodes uploaded on YouTube? A reply would be appreciated! Thanks!

  12. It's crazy how he makes 2000 rated players look completely brainless

  13. Great game against Jeffrey Xiong. Rooting for you at the US championship.

  14. Instead of Nd2, Danya says that Re4 or Be3 should be played, but can anyone explain why Qf3 doesn’t work? (With the idea of them playing Qg2 to either trade off the black queen or force her away.)

  15. Honestly Tal is so overrated it's boring, just because he sacked a few pieces everyone loves to tug their trouser pork over it, it's ridiculous.

    Lol can you imagine?

  16. Where'd all your furniture go? Have you been betting against yourself this whole time??

  17. Can you do a Scandi soon? If you have already do again?

  18. Just a small request. Could you make the title the opening you play rather than the opponent? Or atleast something that indicates that you are playing against that opening.

  19. Love the content as always, but how did we go from 1940 to 2000? LOL I want to see the games we missed!

  20. Daniel mad respect to you and I mean this in an endearing way, I think you look similar to James from Derry Girls.

  21. Could you do some opening videos eventually?

  22. After beating Caruana:
    OH MY LANDS!!!
    2800 ELO

  23. i'd like to see danya play the berlin 🙂

  24. I have some trouble playing against the ruy lopez so this was useful!

  25. Love your content Dan!! Just from an audio engineer perspective, you should add a noise gate!

  26. Thank you for posting these. You are the most instructive teacher I have found. Went from 1100 to 1300 in just a few weeks. You videos really help to explain the thought process.

  27. Psh! Chess is easy, look at how Danya is destroying people. me playing at 900 losing because of blundering my queen

  28. I think this GM is genuinely passionate about chess.

  29. Crazy seeing the Marshall from this side, it looks so weird. Love it when black plays this against me, the whole game sits on a knife's edge.

    Shame white doesn't know the theory. 4:37 should have been Re4 g5 and then Qf1

  30. anything wrong with playing d5 before castling? at the 2 minute mark

  31. I get so hyped watching you respectfully rip 2000's to bits ❤️👍

  32. Does anyone else feel like a GM when watching this series then goes
    To play a chess game and realizes your still nowhere near😂

  33. My Dream Is win vs you 😁 homo super mega sapiens (GM Daniel ) vs fibra zappa( homo erectus )🙉

  34. Danke für die Videos, sind super um Eröffnungen zu lernen. Zudem denke ich sie verbessern meine Intuition.

  35. Sorry I'm a year late to the party, goin through all your video library atm. At 12:00, is there a reason Rexe5 doesn't work? Rexe5, dxe5, Rg5+ Ng2, Bxg2 hxg2, Qxg2+ leads to mate quickly. If black chooses to go Kh1 instead of blocking with knight then he ends up dropping pretty much every pawn quickly. Other line just wins even harder I guess? Or is there a flat out refutation to my suggestion?

  36. I play the marshall as my main opening with black, and I know the Nd2 move is a losing mistake, but I've never had it in a game in the last year, but Danya gets it in the first chance and he's not even a marshall player smh. Coincidentally, there's an idea played by anand and adams among others: instead of Re1 to play the strange looking Re2 after black's Bd6: the idea is that then after … Qh4 g3 Qh3, the correct move for white is indeed Nd2, because then after Bg4, f3 becomes possible because the rook on e2 defends the second rank and Bxg3 ideas don't work.

  37. Hey Danya, do you have a video of the Ruy Lopez where white captures the knight on move four with Bishop also playing with the black pieces?

  38. i came to learn ruy lopez because hikaru said it is super powerful bit sergei demotivated me thanks sergei i will not play ruy lopez😊😊

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