Master Tips To Defend In Chess – 10 Ways To Defend – How To Defend Your King In Chess, Chess Defense

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Tip 1 – Careful When Castling
1:42 – Tip 2 – Pay Attention To Queen
4:16 – Tip 3 – Trade Pieces
5:39 – Tip 4 – Plan Ahead
6:18 – Tip 5 – Best Defense Is Good Offense
8:30 – Tip 6 – Avoid Open Files On Your King
10:01 – Tip 7 – Consider ALL Threats
11:20 – Tip 8 – f4/f5 When Castled Kingside
13:34 – Tip 9 – Opponent’s Pawn As A Shield
15:07 – Tip 10 – Improve At Tactics
15:35 – Outro

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About This Video:

This video gives you 10 ways to defend in chess. Stopping checkmates can be difficult for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced chess players. In this video you will learn 10 chess strategies you can use to defend your king, and not get checkmated. These tips will help you improve as a chess player and learn how to defend like a master. and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. Great stuff thank you! Can you also do a video on game management. Almost 90% of games I lose I was once in a better position.

  2. Your teaching style is outstanding as many others have mentioned but what really sets you apart from most YouTube chess channels is that you don't speak as though you're fascinated by the sound of your own voice. Very refreshing to be able to focus on the lesson without feeling like I'm supposed to be overwhelmed with excitement. Best chess channel I've found. Thanks! 🙏

  3. 2:20 Whites 5th move in Tip #2. I can't see the problem with Qb5 check, winning the Bishop.

  4. My friend: who cares, I just wanna capture.

  5. The best defense is a good offense is actually the standard idiom, and the inversion is the rare form, best offense is a good defense, which isn't so applicable to anything really. So if you are attacking the opponent must defend and this reduces their ability to attack you.

  6. Tip 9 is great! I would never think that way before.

  7. Ok one question:WHY DONT WE TAKE WITH THE KNIGHT WHEN ITS UNDEFENDED? the one that the queen and bishop is lined up and makes a checkmate threat

  8. I’d add two more:
    1) look at your opponent’s bishops. If they’ve only got one, try to make it so any pawn weaknesses (holes) are on the opposite color!
    2) ALWAYS, ALWAYS watch out whenever your opponent’s queen and a knight (or – worse – two) are on the same side (queenside or kingside) as your king! Queens and knights are absolutely DEADLY against a lone king!! Even against a king well defended can fall to a smothered mate, and a lone, exposed king stands no chance. I can’t tell you how many games have been lost due to a queen & knight combo! I suspect a whole book could be written about queen and knight tactics. I also can’t count the number of times I’ve won a game with a queen and knight. It’s for this reason that I’d much rather have a bishop and knight than the bishop pair, if I’ve still got my queen.

  9. I'm an absolute complete beginner at chess, but one thing I do is castle on the opposite side to my opponent so that I can use my pawns to attack his king's defences while my king's behind his own little wall. Is this a good thing to do, or am I missing something?

  10. Gonna try using these tips against Isabel, i'm struggling so hard against her

  11. I love when opponents castle early. Queen and rook attack coming soon after I give away pawn in front. The term in sports. Is the best DEFENSE is a good Offense. U had it backwards. Universal. Sports or chess. Attacking is the objective

  12. In trick number 9 they can use un pasent rule

  13. If I have a question about a specific point that I am concerned about, I use Google and do a search and one of your videos usually popups in the result of the search. Then I find the advices I was looking for in theses videos. Thanks again, very helpful!

  14. If they were to go f7 to f5 as opposed to Nf6? Or would it just be more tempo on the Queen?

  15. Nice video. Though the quote "The best offense is a good defense" is not a thing 😉 It has always been "The best defense is a good offense".

  16. That was useful. I've not seen anything specific to defending the King before. Nice calm voice and very well explained, as usual.

  17. Im addicted to your videos. U are the best chess coach. I now play to understand instead of only memorizing

  18. Great video this would have saved me a lot of stress, great job

  19. Alpha Zero is a great example of the "best defense is a good offense". Its whole game is based on attack, so much so, that when it has to defend, it prefers to go for complications and create counterplay. AZ will even sacrifice material to achieve these complications rather than defend passively. I think its therefore a signal to us humans, that this perhaps is the best approach to defending but of course chess is a contextual game, so nothing is set in stone.

  20. I have often "castled into it". This is the first chess commentary I have encountered that actually assesses the problem.

  21. It is true that you risk creating weaknesses by pushing a pawn near your king, but chess is not always that simple. It can create an escape route for your king. It is a long time since I have fallen victim to a back rank mate, for example, as I have learned to anticipate them and push a pawn to escape.

  22. Cool video 💯🎸,you should post more often similar videos 😃😎

  23. Your vids r very informative. Thank you for taking the time.

  24. Great videos! Straight-forward and easy to follow

  25. I think in sports the saying stay the same, a good defense is a good offense, not the other way around, but I get the point! I subbed recently btw I like ur content, easy to digest, useful and to the point, I alrdy imporved 150points on my score from 700-850

  26. Whenever I'm stuck in a dilemma, your video comes in at exactly the right time to help work through that particular dilemma 😂

  27. You have the best content out there thank you ❤

  28. I really liked the idea to use opponent's pawn as a shield for king.

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