Most common chess openings

It’s crucial to know the standard strategies applied in chess in the first place. That’s the base for more complicated approaches and tactics. For that reason, we invite you to take a look at some most common chess openings.

Most common chess openings

Why start from well-known strategies?

If some opening has been in use for a long time, it’s never random. The most common ways to start the game proved their efficiency over time. So it makes sense to start your learning process from popular options. We provide them below.

Most common chess openings

These are the ways to begin the game that stood the test of time:

  • Ruy Lopez. Invented around 500 years ago, it’s been one of the most frequently played opening. The game experts have developed a great number of variations and numerous strategic plans. In order to reach this position, Black responds with e5 to the rival’s e4. The second move involves knight development for both sides (Nf3 Nc6). After that, the bishop comes into play with the Bb5 move on behalf of White.
  • Italian Game. The standard couple of moves e4, e5 is continued with the knight development Nf3, Nc6. This part is the same as in the previous example. However, on the third move, White shifts the bishop to the c4 square. Now Black should be careful with their f7 pawn which becomes potentially vulnerable. Club players, as much as experienced ones still actively use it in their play.


This was a short review of the most common chess openings nowadays. In order to learn them properly, we suggest that you practice often. Apply them in practice and see how different opponents react. Take your chess game to the next level with this advanced chess website.