Opening trap in French Defence 🔥🔥 Knight Sacrifice genius or blunder??

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  1. Btw, if Qxd4.You should take the bishop first before the queen.That way, you will have huge advantage and black can't castle anymore.

  2. I thought it was for black. Why would he sacrifice knight and get his queen caught

  3. 0:42 Why do you dont eat the bishop? ( i dont speak english, sorry with muy dramatic) ☺

  4. If someone see that they will either go back after the fork or exchange queens…

  5. if qxd4 bb5+ bd7., do bxd7+ first. you missed that.

  6. If Qxd4 Bb5+, Bd7.
    You dont have to take the queen right away as shown in the video. You can take the bishop first with Bxd7 so you wont lose a bishop. Good trap tho, but check the complete sequence first before making a vid.

  7. Of course trading a queen and knight for a rook knight and bishop isnt the end of the world

  8. With the discovery on queen you can take the Bishop with check

  9. Why would black ever not take rook, and opening is so rare like??

  10. This guy's is obviously a beginner 🤦🏿‍♂️

  11. That is not how people usually play French. It is better to trade light square bishop

  12. As a French player for years I’ve played hundreds of games in the French and I’ve seen maybe 1-2 play Qf7..

  13. French Defense is more like Queen traps

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