PERFECT ATTACKS | Kings Indian Rating Climb Part 2: 1000+

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GothamChess is doing another rating climb chess opening video series aimed to give you a black pieces repertoire playing the King’s Indian Defense and e6/b6 setups. Useful links below regarding openings courses, joining the Discord community, and watching live!

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  1. What to do if white goes e4 d4 and then e5 to attack the knight? @GothamChess

  2. 43:00 play knight B4 then next move Bishop takes knight threatening Queen they take with Queen fork the rooks they take with pawn move knight back and they have an open king

  3. what's the link to the dicord? Imma course owner and twitch sub and still am not innnn

  4. This man from Germany have a great position if i hade i would mate you

  5. I don't get it, just stream with like 30 seconds delay ? would'nt that make streamsniping useless in 3 Minute games ?

  6. Still can’t tell if he was joking about how he was hurt

  7. Enjoy your videos. I’ve climbed up about 100 points watching your videos and was even been able to beat Nelson bot because of your videos.

  8. Hello, can you play the Vienna against the King's Indian?

  9. At 14:52 when the queen and bishop lineup and opposite sides castle, can this be considered the 150 attack or is that just against the Pirc and it wouldn’t work since this is more of a KID?

  10. 4:50 I was like “but that’s mate in one” and then a little later I saw that it was a trick😂 this is how I know I’m getting better at chess

  11. You're a lovely guy man, god bless you
    And i am in school right now

    Best wishes for your wedding too

  12. 32:17 wow you missed mate in 2 and I saw it. haha now I feel like super smart

  13. When the Levy breaks mamá you got to go

  14. 15:30
    what if you go bishop to h3 .. if he takes you go knight to f3 forking the check and queen. if he don't take. well that's bad

  15. When is Fide going to recognize the Amazon as an official piece? We need solo mates in the championship!

  16. When the game starts around 28 minutes, Levy makes all the same moves but says it's the Pirc and not King's Indian. So is that because of white's moves? The same play by black gets a different name??

  17. I been trying to find the name of this opening lol

  18. How do you prevent against whites brown squares bishop and queen battery in the King’s Indian defense?

  19. If levys rating goes above gm he'll be batman instead of Robin lol
    Okay jokes on me , I didn't realize this was a 2 part series video where he was batman in the first one

  20. 18:45 did he stand a chance of avoiding mate if he had moved his Bishop to d3 with the idea of Bb1 or Rxc1 if Rc1 check?

  21. Question: at 18:22, would bd3 not block mate? it can block the rook's check

  22. Thanks for these videos and explanations Levy. After watching your videos, I've started using King's Indian when playing Black, and am undefeated (small sample size). Thanks Levy!

  23. Hey Levy, I know you probably won't see this, but I'm a small 8" desk fan

  24. I have tried ur chess methods gotham but it is not working

  25. Started watching your videos a couple months ago and while chess isn't my ambition I do enjoy playing for hours, thanks to your videos and realistic guidance i've seen alot of improvement in myself. I'm no master but getting better. Thanks

  26. I love seeing how your chat interacts with YouTube. Not just the normal stuff. But I left Twitch for a reason so I'll get my Levy fill here.

  27. So wholesome i watch rhese videos so much its Great contenr such a great man abd a teacher greetings from Finland and Happy new year

  28. You played out your light square bishop instead of early Nc6 or Na6. But aren't you supposed to guard that bishop and then use it to sac and get to the king? Odd line.

  29. That cheater was only your buddies Joker, Cat woman and a stockfish eating penguin messing with you!


  31. 32:15 Instead of trading Queens Rook f1 wins the queen.
    Edit: Sorry I didn't reach the chat coaching part yet

  32. can't win with this. I don't get how yall are winning but I am not. Been 3 months of nothing but losing, it's not fun. Don't see how yall enjoy chess with all that losing. Frustration is too much for me.

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