Philidor Defense Explained | Ultimate Beginner Guide to King Pawn Openings Part 1

Almost every single beginner chess game begins with the King’s Pawn Game (1. e4 e5) but many player fall for the same traps and tricks in the opening. Master the basic plans and tactical ideas with this three part course on the most popular opening that everyone needs to know to improve at chess!

Part 1 covers Philidor’s Defense and Damiano’s Defense

Part 2 covers the Italian Game

Part 3 covers the Petroff Defense

0:00 Intro
0:53 Three main principles of the opening
3:00 Philidor’s Defense
11:38 Damiano’s Defense


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  1. Finally I understood why I always suck in this opening, it took only 27 years of playing chess.Hopefully in next 27 years I`ll watch more than one video on this channel.Thank you!

  2. For someone who has played AGAINST the Damiano Defense, it's interesting to learn the Kd1 variation 🙂🙂

  3. Great Video. I am rated 1500-1600 on lichess. idk if this counts as beginner or intermediate but I was always particularly troubled by the philidor compared to the usual , scillians , french and caro kann , italian etc….. So this video helped alot thanks as always!

  4. I usually watch Eric's channel, didn't know Jonathan also had one lol (until this popped up in recommendations)

  5. I remember when I discovered the confutation of f6 by myself while studying openings. I asked "why nobody play this move?" and found the answer. After Nxe5 I think the main move is Qe7 though, which regains the pawn.

  6. Sir can u please make video on Evil Icelandic Gambit

  7. Thank you for such great content… ❤️

  8. Can u make a video on how to play against the London system plz??

  9. Your vibes are so amazing and i so much enjoy watching you play, your love for the game of chess is right on your face.

  10. I play F5 all the time to impede fast attacks. I’ll stop doing that now. Haha Thank you 👍

  11. Loving these kind of videos alot made my quarantine alot more awesome

  12. An actual basic word is actually basic actually. Basic is extra much like actually basically is. Both basic and actually are jibberish words that rarely need to be spoken. Actually…!

  13. hey, I'm an 1800 player on lichess but these kinds of breakdowns are still very helpful, even if more beginnerish. I only started 5 months ago so I have tons of blind spots, and putting it all in concise terms, not making assumptions about what I may already know, is a great way for me to plug the holes in my theory. Thanks!

  14. To beginners out there, you can score some easy wins against the Philidor if black plays the common mistake 3… Bg4 after 3. d4. Look for what might be the most well known game in chess, the opera game by Paul Morphy.

  15. Hey Jonathan, I might have discovered a new opening trap…. Not sure if your interested but I thought it was pretty cool.

  16. 5:07 I actually like bishop c4 more. It’s become morphy gambit

  17. amazing how unselfish this guy sharing his knowledge for free.. nice content. thank you.

  18. What is the application you use that show top games and everything?

  19. I love your videos, but I have to say the most key thing for me as a high beginner to early intermediate range player is what you get into at 8:25 by discussing what the general middle game plans could be. Those are the key larger or main ideas/concepts for the middle game that I wish more opening videos would expound upon. The key questions for me at this level are "why should I bother playing opening X?" I'm heavily skewed towards visual learning, so when you drew the long rectangles based on each side's furthest push pawns as an indicator for where you want to attack, it really cemented the concept in my mind. Thank you for that. I will probably watch this video five or six times, playing along on my chess board during the subsequent replays.

  20. I mean d4 is kind of murder for this opening… I am 1070 rapid and I have burned this opening almost every time I played it.

  21. I try this move and de opening vener do what you show….

  22. My understanding is black plays d6 first now when playing the Philidor but I can't remember why

  23. This is one of the few videos I went out of my way to watch every second and liked at the end, really great stuff

  24. I have to study this opening because everyone at my ELO plays this in response to my 1. e4 lol

  25. Just want you to know, you are possibly one of the best teachers I have seen on YouTube. Unlike most chess lesson videos, they usually just give you the lines. I love how you are explaining the reasoning behind the moves and why are being played. Please do more videos like these and the other ones in this series ❤️

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